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Serenity – Tonic Polish

Today I bring you a polish that has been sending shock waves on the Tonic Facebook Group! Serenity is a very complex color that will have you doing nail yoga to find every part of the rainbow that it touches!... Continue Reading →


Monster Mash – Tonic Polish

Happy Friday! It's taken me a while to get through my October purchases, I picked up Monster mash in the October Release. Monster Mash is a thermal periwinkle when cold and lilac when warm with bright green shimmer flecks that... Continue Reading →

I put a Spell on you – Tonic Polish

Tonic recently released their fall collection and I picked up "I put a spell on you" as it's totally my kind of fall and any time of the year color!  I Put a Spell on You is a bronze to silver... Continue Reading →

Stuntman Mike – Tonic

The August release from Tonic Polish was chock full of stunning polishes I managed to get my hands on the Stunt-ing “Stuntman Mike”! Stuntman Mike is a  dark blue creme base with red shimmer that makes it look more like... Continue Reading →

Capture Time – Retro Rewind Custom

I must admit this polish made me move in ways I haven't for a long time! Nail Calisthenics is a thing, any blogger trying to capture all the colors of a multichrome will tell ya! Lindsey created this gorgeous multi... Continue Reading →

Jubilee – Tonic Polish

Tonic has seriously been working the Multi-Chrome Magnetic polish trend. There are so many colors to select from you can really find something for everyone. There are full on colors and even toppers, I chose Jubilee because of the glorious... Continue Reading →

Chasing Concrete

In the beginning of March Tonic released 4 new colors and placed them on preorder. Of the four I chose Chasing Concrete, its such a pretty color I couldn't resist. Chasing Concrete is a pale grey with red-orange to yellow shifting... Continue Reading →

Poison Rose – Tonic

This one took me longer to get my hands on. Poison rose was initially released back in 2016 and for I while I saw it in the nail black market, every-time I went to buy it, it was gone. It... Continue Reading →

Moon Flower

Continuing with my Spring Inspired nail art mani week, you can see I am not into the traditional flowers. I'm more of an exotic flower kind of gal, I mean why settle for roses that every one has. This stamp... Continue Reading →

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