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Wizards and Magic, Grace-Full

Grace-Full is releasing a magical collection this weekend! Wizards and Magic is the brand's first Harry Potter collection, something brand maker Theresa has wanted to do for a long time. I must admit that I started reading the series when... Continue Reading →


Side Swiped – Crowstoes

Today I continue with my travels through my vintage polishes, Side Swiped was released as part of the Crowsmas collection for 2016. I really love this color because while it looks like a metallic it's a beautiful multichrome. Sideswiped is a... Continue Reading →

Muspelheim – Crowstoes

This week I will be showcasing some polishes I acquired in a swap. Muspelheim was released in the summer of 2014. This is a heavily pigmented polish. Muspelheim is a beautiful purple/blue/brownish gold shifting multi-chrome with scattered holo pigments throughout.... Continue Reading →

Sassy Sauce Jan 2019 Release

Sassy Sauce is starting the new year with a stunning quad release, these colors are absolutely gorgeous! Carrie has been in the lab mixing up a storm and came up with something for most everyone. Release date is January 26th... Continue Reading →

I put a Spell on you – Tonic Polish

Tonic recently released their fall collection and I picked up "I put a spell on you" as it's totally my kind of fall and any time of the year color!  I Put a Spell on You is a bronze to silver... Continue Reading →

Sassy Sauce Dec Release

To wrap up the year Sassy Sauce is releasing a trio straight out of Urban Dictionary! Carrie has been known to get inspired by mad libs and such, so this is expected! Now needless to say these guys are Stunnin!... Continue Reading →

The ONLY elves on my Shelves – Crowstoes (Dec 2018 PPU)

Decembers Polish Pick up theme is Enchanted Forrest, and Crowstoes took their inspiration from LOTR for a second month! This month the inspiration is one sexy ass Elf, Legolas! the ONLY elves on my shelves is a blackened based multichrome... Continue Reading →

1850 California Fall 2018

PRESS SAMPLE It's officially fall and 1850 is feeling the bug, though sunny california doesn't really go through the extreme seasonal change they do have many parks and natural landmarks that give you that sense. Nikki was inspired by the... Continue Reading →

1850 Artisan Polish – Hyrule Sunset

PRESS SAMPLE 1850 Artisan Polish brings you their very first custom polish for the Polished Gamers Facebook group. Inspired by The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Hyrule Sunset was born! The Polished Gamers group is a group of gaming... Continue Reading →

Chromium Lights Collection – PI Colors

PRESS SAMPLE Happy Labor Day! PI Colors is back for fall with a multi-chrome collection named after the stars! The Chromium Lights Collection will be available for purchase on September 7, 2018. In the meantime here are all the details in... Continue Reading →

Sassy Sauce – August 2018

PRESS SAMPLE Sassy Sauce is bringing you the August Release on Sunday August 26th @ 11am CST. Carrie has some great things planned this fall and you will want to be there for them! There is a Box and Polish... Continue Reading →

The 13th Doctor – 1850 Artisan Polish

PRESS SAMPLE 1850 is going Fandom! You heard right! 1850 has gone Fandom. In a Doctor Who themed collection, 1850 is departing from the California inspiration and bringing you a collection of stunning pieces. There's Holo, Multichrome, Shimmer and Lort!... Continue Reading →

Capture Time – Retro Rewind Custom

I must admit this polish made me move in ways I haven't for a long time! Nail Calisthenics is a thing, any blogger trying to capture all the colors of a multichrome will tell ya! Lindsey created this gorgeous multi... Continue Reading →

Sassy Sauce Polish – June 2018

PRESS SAMPLE Happy Monday!!!! I am excited to share with you the June 2018 collection from Sassy Sauce Polish which launches on June 23rd @ 10am CST and this collection has something for everyone! Carrie even played Fairy Godmother and... Continue Reading →

UnStaple – KB Shimmer

KB Shimmer is back this month to the Polish Pick up, PPU is a collaboration of up to 70 indie brands where a theme is picked out every month and makers make limited edition polishes or non polish products to... Continue Reading →

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

The Multichrome Madness facebook group has a group custom from a surprise maker each month and for the month of April was Vapid Lacquer. Krys made this extraordinary chocolate gold silver flakie multichrome thermal...that was a mouthful! The formula on... Continue Reading →

Dreams Really Do Come True – 1850 Artisan Polish

PRESS SAMPLE Welcome back, today I bring you the Dreams Really Do Come True Collection from  1850 Artisan Polish . The collection was inspired by Disneyland, 1850 will be making their maiden voyage to Indie Shop in Anaheim and will release... Continue Reading →

Multi-Chrome Gradient

After a quick try at seeing what the new 1850 multi-chrome colors looked like over black, I was inspired to do a gradient with them.  These colors complimented each other well and so I decided to only use 3 of... Continue Reading →

1850 Treasures of the Pacific – Jellyfish Pee

PRESS SAMPLE 1850 Artisan Polish has come back with another stunning release for Spring 2018. Creator, Nikki took to the Pacific Ocean to find inspiration this time around and came up with the Treasures of the Pacific Collection releasing Saturday, April... Continue Reading →

Solar Flair

This march marked the 10 year anniversary of KB Shimmer, for this milestone KB Shimmer rebranded her entire line, even had all the existing polishes re-swatched! The most important part of this rebrand is that KB Shimmer is now 5... Continue Reading →

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