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multichrome flakies

Sassy Sauce Jan 2019 Release

Sassy Sauce is starting the new year with a stunning quad release, these colors are absolutely gorgeous! Carrie has been in the lab mixing up a storm and came up with something for most everyone. Release date is January 26th... Continue Reading →


Sassy Sauce Dec Release

To wrap up the year Sassy Sauce is releasing a trio straight out of Urban Dictionary! Carrie has been known to get inspired by mad libs and such, so this is expected! Now needless to say these guys are Stunnin!... Continue Reading →

A Womens Tribute – Sassy Sauce November 2018

PRESS SAMPLE Sassy Sauce will be releasing their November collection and this month Carrie was inspired by the song Salute from Little Mix, the song is about women coming together as sisters, as warriors and to hold each other up.... Continue Reading →

Sassy Sauce September Releases

Press Sample Sassy Sauce will be bringing the September Releases to launch at Polish Con on September 15th and boy are you in for a treat! These colors are amazing! Not going to Polish Con? No worries! Carrie will launch... Continue Reading →

SSDGM – Ethereal Lacquer

Stay Sexy, Don't Get Murdered or SSDGM for those familiar with My Favorite Murder Podcast. Meagan the maker of Ethereal Lacquer is a massive fan and so wanted to create a color in honor of the podcast. SSDGM is officially... Continue Reading →

The 13th Doctor – 1850 Artisan Polish

PRESS SAMPLE 1850 is going Fandom! You heard right! 1850 has gone Fandom. In a Doctor Who themed collection, 1850 is departing from the California inspiration and bringing you a collection of stunning pieces. There's Holo, Multichrome, Shimmer and Lort!... Continue Reading →

Sassy Sauce May Release

PRESS SAMPLE Sassy Sauce has a forecast of some beautiful polishes coming your way  May 26th at 10am CST. This collection is a Flakie Storm, it consists of 3 thermals, a magnetic that is out of this world and a crelly... Continue Reading →

Dreams Really Do Come True – 1850 Artisan Polish

PRESS SAMPLE Welcome back, today I bring you the Dreams Really Do Come True Collection from  1850 Artisan Polish . The collection was inspired by Disneyland, 1850 will be making their maiden voyage to Indie Shop in Anaheim and will release... Continue Reading →

Mermaid Mouthwash – Sassy Sauce

Sassy Sauce has released just her April collection on 4/14/2018, the collection consists of Neons, Thermals and Shimmers. I can't let a blue polish escape my clutches and so, I was able to snag Mermaid Mouthwash, I love a good... Continue Reading →

Crystal Mermaid Jelly

Tomorrow will be the release date for the Treasures of the Pacific collection from 1850 Artisan Polish.  I've played around with many looks for this collection and at one point I mentioned how the Jellyfish Pee would work well even... Continue Reading →

Sassy Sauce Polish – Shadow Storm

I recently received Shadow Storm and I love how reactive this thermal is. Shadow Storm is a black to clear thermal jelly , in it's warm state this polish is full of  pink, copper and gold shifting flakies. The Cold state is... Continue Reading →

1850 Treasures of the Pacific – Jellyfish Pee

PRESS SAMPLE 1850 Artisan Polish has come back with another stunning release for Spring 2018. Creator, Nikki took to the Pacific Ocean to find inspiration this time around and came up with the Treasures of the Pacific Collection releasing Saturday, April... Continue Reading →

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