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Orion’s Belt – 1850 Artisan Polish (PPU JAN 2019)

Merry Christmas and Happy Boxing Day! It's back to work around here! Today I bring you the very first contribution to Polish Pickup from 1850 Artisan Polish. Nikki has worked very hard all year to get here. I've known this... Continue Reading →


Chic Beach Weekend – 1850 Artisan Polish

PRESS SAMPLE 1850 Artisan will be releasing a new trio for the summer, and no they aren't neons! This is a set of stunning neutral creams inspired by ocean ways up and down the coast of California to enhance your... Continue Reading →

Dreams Really Do Come True – 1850 Artisan Polish

PRESS SAMPLE Welcome back, today I bring you the Dreams Really Do Come True Collection from  1850 Artisan Polish . The collection was inspired by Disneyland, 1850 will be making their maiden voyage to Indie Shop in Anaheim and will release... Continue Reading →

Crystal Mermaid Jelly

Tomorrow will be the release date for the Treasures of the Pacific collection from 1850 Artisan Polish.  I've played around with many looks for this collection and at one point I mentioned how the Jellyfish Pee would work well even... Continue Reading →

Multi-Chrome Gradient

After a quick try at seeing what the new 1850 multi-chrome colors looked like over black, I was inspired to do a gradient with them.  These colors complimented each other well and so I decided to only use 3 of... Continue Reading →

1850 Treasures of the Pacific – Jellyfish Pee

PRESS SAMPLE 1850 Artisan Polish has come back with another stunning release for Spring 2018. Creator, Nikki took to the Pacific Ocean to find inspiration this time around and came up with the Treasures of the Pacific Collection releasing Saturday, April... Continue Reading →

Moon Flower

Continuing with my Spring Inspired nail art mani week, you can see I am not into the traditional flowers. I'm more of an exotic flower kind of gal, I mean why settle for roses that every one has. This stamp... Continue Reading →

Pot of Gold – WaterMarble

St. Patrick's day is tomorrow and in honor of it, I decided to pull all my green polishes and think shit what now?!? I don't have too many green polishes, but not having done actual nail art in a while.... Continue Reading →

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