Product List

I use various brands of polish, for the most part my focus is Indie brands that are made in small batches with the highest of care, the revenue from purchasing these products will go towards a family who is working out of a home or small facility.

These brands are all 5 or above “free” (exceptions will be noted) of toxins (meaning formulas that contain no formaldehyde, toluene, camphror,  ethyl tosylamide,  xylene, parabens, triphenyl phosphate, or dibutyl phthalate). These brands do not release fumes or soak into your body, leaving pleasant experience and beautiful finished product.

I personally have used all of these products and here is where you can get them.

Julep Beauty

Maker: Jane Park

Enchanted Polish

Maker: Chelsea

KB Shimmer Bath & Body – 4 Free

Maker: Christy

Vapid Artisan Nail Lacquer

Maker: Krys

Lavish Polish (Closed)

Maker: Emily

Born Pretty Store

Contact: Alice

The Don Deeva

Maker: Danette

ILNP (I Love Nail Polish)

Maker: Barbra

Tonic Polish

Maker: Lindsey

Pretty Serious Cosmetics

Maker: Karen

Serendipity Polish – Rebranded to All Heart

Maker: Roxie

All Heart Lacquer

Maker: Roxie

Anonymous Lacquer

Maker: Mildred

Different Dimensions

Maker: Missi

Serum No 5.


Zoya Natural Nail Polish & Nail Care Treatments

Mainstream Polish

Picture Polish

Maker: Jules

US Stockists:

Live Love Polish


Bliss Kiss Nail Oil

Maker: Ana

Crowstoes Nail Color

Maker: Lauri

Ever After Polish

Maker: Miranda

Native War Paints

Maker: Amanda

Pretty Jelly

Maker: Liz

Bee’s Knees Lacquer

Maker: Sarah

Great Lakes Lacquer

Maker: Mariah

Alter Ego Cosmetics

Maker: Cynthia

Night Owl Lacquer

Maker: Lindsay

Colors by Llarowe

Maker: Leah Ann

1850 Artisan Polish

Maker: Nikki

B Polished

Marker: Francine

Emily De Molly – Aus

Maker: Emily

Femme Fatale – Aus


Polished for Days




Blush Lacquers

Maker: Victoria

Stella Chroma

Maker: Pam


Sassy Sauce Polish

Maker: Carrie

SassyCats Lacquer

Maker: Mohrayma

MTK Designs

Maker: Mary

6 Harts
Courtney (Begeman) Hartman

Alter Ego Body Care Products
Cynthia Decker

Anchor & Heart Lacquer
Taryn Jade Shaw (Fitzherbert on FB)

Baroness X
Demetria Williamson

Bee’s Knees Lacquer

Sarah Green

BlackLace Cosmetics

Amber-Marie Howatt (DeCorte)

Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer
Julie Bennett

Bluebird Lacquer
Lou Paskiewicz

BLUSH Lacquers
Victoria Greathouse

Bohemian Polish
Jennifer Diringer

Cameo Colours Lacquers
Cameo Kingsbury

Leah Ann LaRowe

Chaotic Glitz

Meagan Maloney

Amanda Duron

Colores de Carol
Carolina Garcia

Contrary Polish
Carrie Leigh/Carrie Dilley

Creative Cuticles Nail Polish
Kayla Creech

CrowsToes Nail Color
Lauri Dansereau

Crystal Knockout
Candace Greggs-Gardner

Cuter Cuticles
Samantha Thomas-Hill

Delush Polish
Adrianna Gonzalez-Shreeve

Dollish Polish
Dolly Manzo

Dreamland Lacquer
Noelie Schaefer

Laura Garrett

Emily de Molly
Hayley Fulham

Ethereal Lacquer
Meagan Fowler

Ever After Polish
Miranda Kraft

Fair Maiden
Sarah & Adrienne

Fanchromatic Nails
Lynae Zebest

Fancy Gloss
Jackie Garcia

Femme Fatale Cosmetics
Sophie Broadbent

Fiendish Fancies
Lara Willis


Girly Bits
Pam Heil

Grace-full Nail Polish
Theresa Carter

Great Lakes Lacquer
Mariah Jacobs

Heather’s Hues
Heather Wanczyk

Illyrian Polish
Vanessa Nino

Indie by Patty Lopes
Patricia Lopes

It Girl Nail Art
Nicole Bivins

Jior Couture
Sacha Junique

JReine Cosmetics
Jill Lewis

Kathleen & co

Christy Rose

Lantern & Wren
Carleigh Pearce

Leesha’s Lacquer
Alicia De La Cruz

le Polish
Allison Tyropolis

LevelUp Lacquer
Ashley Blake

Lemming Lacquer
Cassie Border

Lilly Anne’s Garden
Misty Costello

Lilypad Lacquer

Lollipop Posse Lacquer
Karen Sloan

Jennalyn Miller

Mckfresh Nail Attire
Kate mckenzie

Moon Shine Mani
Phoebe Moon

Moonflower Polish
Nadia Velez

Music City Beauty (formerly SML)
Kim Hall

My indie polish
Tanya picanco

Nail Hoot
Brandie Collins

Nailed It Nail Polish

Native War Paints
Amanda Scribner

Necessary Evil Polish
Tamara Martin

NeVerMind Polish
Jenn Dzoga (Rosario)

Night Owl Lacquer
Lindsay Johns

Noodles Nail Polish
Natalie Marino

Northern Star
Kristin Marz

Nvr Enuff Polish

Shannon Pummill

Painted Polish
Alexa Meyerson

Peachtree Polish

Pepper Pot Polish
Mackenzie Putscher

Poetry Cowgirl Nail Polish
Kristen Beals

Polished For Days

Pretty Beautiful Unlimited
Virginia Shaw

Quixotic polish
Mary Mouroulis

Rogue Lacquer
Rachel Wraith

Sassy cats lacquer
Mohrayma Chavez

Sassy Pants Polish
Angie Neyens

Savannah Lacquer
Alex Herman

Sayuri Nail Lacquer
Anthea Cosentino

Scofflaw Varnish
Finch Grace

Serum No 5
Victoria Dao

Seventy Seven Nail Lacquer
Connie Lawley

Pam Rodgers

Supernatural Lacquer
Stefanie Sanders

Sweet Heart Polish
Cassandra LeBeau

The Howling Boutique
Mardi Carruth

The Lady Varnishes
Kirsten Lew

The Polished Mommy
Francine Brandow

Top Shelf Lacquer, LLC
Amy Maxson

Turtle Tootsie Polishes
Chrissy Gieringer

Krys Resendez

Vibrant Vinyls
April Griffus

Wildflower Lacquer
Taylor Russell

Zombie Claw polish

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