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Indie’s to the Rescue

Here I talk about pretty nail polishes every weekday and today I will be showing you some beautiful polishes, but also showing a side to me I don't normally share. Recently, Monica Moran from Monis Mani passed away suddenly and... Continue Reading →

Sassy Sauce September Releases

Press Sample Sassy Sauce will be bringing the September Releases to launch at Polish Con on September 15th and boy are you in for a treat! These colors are amazing! Not going to Polish Con? No worries! Carrie will launch... Continue Reading →

1850 Artisan Polish – Hyrule Sunset

PRESS SAMPLE 1850 Artisan Polish brings you their very first custom polish for the Polished Gamers Facebook group. Inspired by The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Hyrule Sunset was born! The Polished Gamers group is a group of gaming... Continue Reading →

A Princess & A Monster

PRESS SAMPLE Today I bring you A Princess & A Monster, a prototype made by Taryn which didn't make it to a collection and inspired by Pan's Labyrinth. There is a small batch of this color currently available on the... Continue Reading →

Sassy Sauce – Polish Con Minneapolis Exclusives

PRESS SAMPLE Sassy Sauce will be at their first Polish Con this year in Minneapolis on September 15th! These Exclusives were inspired by a few things around Minnesota and I think that Carrie really held true to her inspirations, meanwhile... Continue Reading →

SSDGM – Ethereal Lacquer

Stay Sexy, Don't Get Murdered or SSDGM for those familiar with My Favorite Murder Podcast. Meagan the maker of Ethereal Lacquer is a massive fan and so wanted to create a color in honor of the podcast. SSDGM is officially... Continue Reading →

August Polish Pickup – Musicals

The Polish Pickup Theme for August was Musicals and I managed to snag up these two pretty colors! Even my husband approved!!! Sun Do Shine is inspired by the animated musical Rock-a-doodle.  This will make my very first Supermoon Polish!... Continue Reading →

Chromium Lights Collection – PI Colors

PRESS SAMPLE Happy Labor Day! PI Colors is back for fall with a multi-chrome collection named after the stars! The Chromium Lights Collection will be available for purchase on September 7, 2018. In the meantime here are all the details in... Continue Reading →

Horror Movies D- Le | Polish Pickup Sept 2018

Press Samples Welcome Back! If you are following this in order you would have already seen my A-C Post yesterday, If not here is a link to it! Now, you are back for some scary swatches of participating makers for... Continue Reading →

Horror Movies A – C | Polish Pickup Sept 2018

Press Samples I am honored to be one of the Bloggers of the month for Polish Pickup for September. This is like the best birthday present ever, me being a September baby! Enough about me, you are here to see... Continue Reading →

Bee’s Knees Anniversary 2018

PRESS SAMPLE Happy Monday! I'm starting the week with 5 of the 12 new Bee's Knees 'IT'aversary polishes. Bee's Knees turns one September 1st and since the brand launched with an 'IT' inspired collection, it's only fitting that we get... Continue Reading →

Sassy Sauce – August 2018

PRESS SAMPLE Sassy Sauce is bringing you the August Release on Sunday August 26th @ 11am CST. Carrie has some great things planned this fall and you will want to be there for them! There is a Box and Polish... Continue Reading →

Stuntman Mike – Tonic

The August release from Tonic Polish was chock full of stunning polishes I managed to get my hands on the Stunt-ing “Stuntman Mike”! Stuntman Mike is a  dark blue creme base with red shimmer that makes it look more like... Continue Reading →

The Golden Ones – Bee’s Knees

Happy Monday, I hope this polish brightens up your week. Today I have The Golden Ones, a very sheer Lilac topper that looks like a version of House on Haunted Chill.  Golden ones glows with an opalescent shimmer that changes... Continue Reading →

Better Strength – Bee’s Knees

Happy Friday, Today I bring you Better Strength from Bee's Knees a Elain inspired lavender polish full of opalescent shimmer and iridescent flakes that make it glow with an inner fire. A Better Strength is a light lavender crelly base, filled... Continue Reading →

Glass on Fire – The Prodigal Polish Returns!

Great Lakes Lacquer brought back Glass on Fire for the July PPU Rewind. Glass on Fire was originally released in January of 2018 for the Gemstone Theme of Polish Pickup, I was so sad to have missed this polish the... Continue Reading →

Takko Mystery Bag #2

I've been steadily going through all my Polish Con purchases and here is the last one, I purchased 2 Takko Mystery Bags and this is the second. These are definitely not colors I would choose on my own, but they... Continue Reading →

Opal Minded – Lacquered In White Custom

When I found out Sarah was doing a custom for the Lacquered in white group I was there for it!  Opal Minded is a white opalescent crelly with a bizzilion iridescent flakies! I a sucker for a good opal like... Continue Reading →

Gobstopper Top Coat – Indie Pickup

PRESS SAMPLE Sassy Cats Lacquer will be joining the first Indie Pickup for the month of August where the theme is Musicals, Mora is bringing us a Willy Wonka Inspired Top Coat in a Jawbreaker scent called Everlasting Gobstopper! What... Continue Reading →

Changeling – Bee’s Knees Lacquer

I recently acquired both Changeling and Bitten by a Radioactive Shar Pei from Bee's Knees and while I enjoyed them both separately I LOVE them together! I did a little layering action and I loved how it turned out. I am... Continue Reading →

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