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Sassy Sauce Polish – March Releases

Happy Thursday! Today I bring you the March Collection from Sassy Sauce Polish. This release brings you 4 polishes in the same color range family. I can tell that Carrie is ready for summer because it's the second neon she's... Continue Reading →


Summer Day Dreaming Duo – MTK Design

Today I have the Summer Day Dreaming duo because Mary, like the rest of us is ready for summer to hurry up and get here already! This duo will be available March 20th on her etsy shop. More details to... Continue Reading →

Adventure – Parchment Polish

I was lucky enough to receive this polish as a prize from Parchment Polish. Parchement Polish is a new brand to the nail community that grew from the Latherati Brand. Being a literary inspired brand I totally love that The... Continue Reading →

My, What a Big Moon…MTK Design

Welcome to a new week! Today I bring you one of many new releases from MTK Designs, if you know Mary you know that vampy colors are her favorite. This polish was inspired by a photo a dear friend took... Continue Reading →

Candy Crush – Ms. Sparkle

We made it to the end of the week, this has been a crazy one for me! So let's relax with a little Candy Crush! Today I bring you the February 2018 Ms. Sparkle contribution to the Sugar Rush theme... Continue Reading →

Ephedrine Vapour – Ms. Sparkle

Happy Thursday! or Friday Eve! Today I bring you another vintage polish from my swap haul! This is a brand new to me, but I have seen her around and am so excited to have this one on my blog.... Continue Reading →

St. Patrick’s Day Trio – Sassy Pants Polish

Today I bring you the Sassy Pants Polish St. Paddy's Day trio that will led you to the good ol Pot 'o' gold. These polishes include something for everyone, there is a Tri Thermal, a full coverage glitter and holo... Continue Reading →

They All Become Blueberries – 1850 Artisan Polish for HHC

1850 continues their Willy Wonka theme on HHC and March brings you They all become blueberries, this is the scene where poor violet 1. Turns Violet and 2. get's sent to the juicing room for juicing and such. Available March... Continue Reading →

BKL Customer Appreciation Bag

This year Bee's Knees Lacquer made won various places on the IndieSwatch awards. In appreciation for all their customers for getting them the win, Sara and team created a polish to commemorate the event and also put together a bag... Continue Reading →

Nights are Forever in Corduroy – MTK Design, March PPU

MTK Design brings you "NIGHTS ARE FOREVER IN CORDUROY" for the March PPU theme (Album Covers). Mary is very much a Metallica gal, so she reached way back into her childhood and brought the England Dan & John Ford Coley's... Continue Reading →

Gansta/Loopy – Sassy Cat Lacquer March PPU/IPU

Today I bring the Sassy Cats Lacquer contribution to the Polish Pick up Album covers theme for March. Mora was inspired by Kehlani's "Gangsta" Suicide Squad album, it being one of her favorite songs! Gangsta is a warm violet jelly... Continue Reading →

1850 Lunar Eclipse – March PPU

Happy Monday! This weekend opens the PPU Album covers theme for the month of march. 1850 Artisan is bringing you a thermal inspired by the legendary Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon album. Lunar Eclipse is a linear holo... Continue Reading →

You Peach! – MTK Designs

Today I have the very first custom polish for the Nail Polish Talk Facebook Group created by Mary from MTK Designs. You Peach was inspired by Mary's desire for summer to get here yesterday, which I soo happen to agree... Continue Reading →

Wizards and Magic, Grace-Full

Grace-Full is releasing a magical collection this weekend! Wizards and Magic is the brand's first Harry Potter collection, something brand maker Theresa has wanted to do for a long time. I must admit that I started reading the series when... Continue Reading →

Snow Cherries from France – PI Colors March PPU

I'm so pleased to show you the debut contribution from PI Colors on PPU! Snow Cherries From France.101 was inspired by the Tori Amos, Tales of a Librarian Album for the PPU March Theme of Album Covers. Available: March 1st... Continue Reading →

Lungs – Lemming Lacquer March PPU

Happy Thursday! Today I bring you the Lemming Lacquer contribution to the Polish Pick up for the March theme of Album Covers. "Lungs" is inspired by the album Lungs by Florence + the Machine. Cassie chose Lungs because it was... Continue Reading →

Midnight Lotus, Grace-full PPU March

Polish Pick up is right around the corner, today I bring you the Grace-full contribution to this month's theme of Album covers. Theresa was inspired by the Prince album for Lotisflow3r. The whole scene is very trippy and utterly prince.... Continue Reading →

Tru Love, Grace-full Polish

Today I bring you Tru Love the Valentine Polish for Grace-full this year. This polish was named by Theresa's husband after a song called "Tru Love" by Faith Evans from her 2005 album First Lady. Tru Love is a deep pink... Continue Reading →

Magic Collection Haul – BKL

Bee's Knees Lacquer recently launched the Magic collection and I picked up 2 of the 7 offerings. These will be my first purchases to include the new round shaped bottle and brush. I will say I used this brush with... Continue Reading →

Hot Headed Red – Crowstoes

Welcome Back, let dive back into my vintage swap box! Today I have one of the three March 2016 custom polishes that Lauri created exclusively for members of the HHC facebook group. I really have gotten a great haul and I am so... Continue Reading →

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