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Wizards and Magic, Grace-Full

Grace-Full is releasing a magical collection this weekend! Wizards and Magic is the brand's first Harry Potter collection, something brand maker Theresa has wanted to do for a long time. I must admit that I started reading the series when... Continue Reading →


God of the Sea/Sirens – Sassy Cats Lacquer (PPU/IPU Jan 2019)

Today I bring you both contributions from Sassy Cats Lacquer for PPU and IPU. Sassy Cats Lacquer was inspired by the grand Poseidon! The January Theme for PPU and IPU is Mythology. Indie Polish Pickup is the sister site for... Continue Reading →

So what do you call yourself – Sassy Cats Lacquer (PPU Dec 2018)

Today I have the Sassy Cats Lacquer contribution to the PPU, Decembers theme is Enchanted Forrest, this month will also run a bit different than other months where normally orders are pre-orders and capped, this month all brands are capped... Continue Reading →

The Evolution of Carol – Sassy Cats Lacquer

PRESS SAMPLE November Polish Pickup has gone with the Theme of Bad Ass Women, pushing women empowerment to the forefront. If, by chance you aren’t acquainted with The Polish Pickup (PPU) it is a monthly collection where makers have a... Continue Reading →

Grace-Full Christmas 2018

PRESS SAMPLE Are you thinking about Christmas yet? Grace-full is already ahead of the rest, Theresa loves Christmas and closes the shop in early December also this allows for orders to be shipped early enough for them to get to... Continue Reading →

Nolite Te Bastardes Carborundorum

PRESS SAMPLE Nolite te bastardes carborundorum. (Latin translation) Don’t let the bastards grind you down. Be warned, I am a total Handmaid's tale fan! This may be a bit long. Grace-Full will be releasing this collection October 26th at 8pm... Continue Reading →

Horror Movies D- Le | Polish Pickup Sept 2018

Press Samples Welcome Back! If you are following this in order you would have already seen my A-C Post yesterday, If not here is a link to it! Now, you are back for some scary swatches of participating makers for... Continue Reading →

Horror Movies A – C | Polish Pickup Sept 2018

Press Samples I am honored to be one of the Bloggers of the month for Polish Pickup for September. This is like the best birthday present ever, me being a September baby! Enough about me, you are here to see... Continue Reading →

Stuntman Mike – Tonic

The August release from Tonic Polish was chock full of stunning polishes I managed to get my hands on the Stunt-ing “Stuntman Mike”! Stuntman Mike is a  dark blue creme base with red shimmer that makes it look more like... Continue Reading →

Jubilee – Tonic Polish

Tonic has seriously been working the Multi-Chrome Magnetic polish trend. There are so many colors to select from you can really find something for everyone. There are full on colors and even toppers, I chose Jubilee because of the glorious... Continue Reading →

Sassy Sauce Polish – June 2018

PRESS SAMPLE Happy Monday!!!! I am excited to share with you the June 2018 collection from Sassy Sauce Polish which launches on June 23rd @ 10am CST and this collection has something for everyone! Carrie even played Fairy Godmother and... Continue Reading →

The World

The World is a polish that I wanted for a while, this was released with the Arcana Collection. I found this one striking because once magnetized the olive green polish changes to a ocean blue with the olive gold cat... Continue Reading →

Tough, Young and Morally Flexible

Bee's Knees released their Dead Pool 2 collection and I picked up this stunner. Actually I wasn't quite sure about it, I did like the fact that it was a blue to purple magnetic and so I picked it up.... Continue Reading →

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