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Adventure – Parchment Polish

I was lucky enough to receive this polish as a prize from Parchment Polish. Parchement Polish is a new brand to the nail community that grew from the Latherati Brand. Being a literary inspired brand I totally love that The... Continue Reading →


BKL Customer Appreciation Bag

This year Bee's Knees Lacquer made won various places on the IndieSwatch awards. In appreciation for all their customers for getting them the win, Sara and team created a polish to commemorate the event and also put together a bag... Continue Reading →

Fanchromatic – Wishful Thinking (Blurple Custom)

Fanchromatic Polish is the February featured maker for the Blurple-Winkle Polish Lovers Facebook group. After spending much time looking at the inspiration photo Lynea named this polish Wishful Thinking because it resembled some kind of sea creature or microscopic animal,... Continue Reading →

Sassy Sauce Jan 2019 Release

Sassy Sauce is starting the new year with a stunning quad release, these colors are absolutely gorgeous! Carrie has been in the lab mixing up a storm and came up with something for most everyone. Release date is January 26th... Continue Reading →

Sweet Bubble Series – Born Pretty

Born Pretty has released a Pink Series of peel off nail polishes from that series I was sent 2 colors for review. Nude palettes seem to be ushering in the new year and I am here for it! These polishes... Continue Reading →

Ack! Nail Art!

So I haven't done nail art in a long time! I've been busy with life and with other commitments. I really need to get back to my roots! Today I have a few items from Born Pretty to review for... Continue Reading →

Jackelope Antler – Bee’s Knees Lacquer

Jackelope Antler is a custom polish that was created of the OG UP Facebook group and sold exclusively to the members of that group. As of Dec 2nd it has gone on sale on the BKL site to the masses.... Continue Reading →

Christmas Corals – MTK Design

MTK Designs takes on Christmas in Mediterranean for this holiday trio and I am all for it! This is one of three new collections being launched just in time for the holiday! MTK will start their black friday sale and launch... Continue Reading →

A Womens Tribute – Sassy Sauce November 2018

PRESS SAMPLE Sassy Sauce will be releasing their November collection and this month Carrie was inspired by the song Salute from Little Mix, the song is about women coming together as sisters, as warriors and to hold each other up.... Continue Reading →

Don’t Underestimate Her Duo – MTK Design

When Mary showed me The Whole Damn Fire, I knew I needed this Duo! I love Mary's thermals and this one did not disappoint. This duo is still available for some miracle! Mary loves fall, halloween and all things dark... Continue Reading →

Grace-Full Christmas 2018

PRESS SAMPLE Are you thinking about Christmas yet? Grace-full is already ahead of the rest, Theresa loves Christmas and closes the shop in early December also this allows for orders to be shipped early enough for them to get to... Continue Reading →

Kiss Me New Kid – Bee’s Knees Lacquer

Kiss Me New Kid was part of the Bee's Knees IT-aversary celebrating their first year opened. This color was created on a whim by maker Sarah and added to the collection at the last minute. KMNK is a steel gray... Continue Reading →

Enchanted Fables – Grace-Full Polish

PRESS SAMPLE I have the latest collection from Grace-Full Polish, Enchanted Fables is a stunning, stunning (I meant that twice!) collection of Fairytale inspirations. There are 8 polishes, 3 holo, 3 thermals, a metallic flake and an aurora shimmer and all... Continue Reading →

Faded Jewels – Heather’s Hues

PRESS SAMPLE Today I have the Faded Jewels collection from Heather's Hues, which will be releasing Friday, 9/28 at 1pm EST. This isn't the typical fall collection which I like because you can hang on to spring and summer in a... Continue Reading →

The Munsters Trio – Static Lacquer (The Polish Nook Exclusive)

PRESS SAMPLE Static Lacquer is in full Halloween mode and is brining us a trio of crellies inspired by the Classic Comedy Series The Munsters. I remember watching this show on reruns growing up and I love the color scheme... Continue Reading →

August Polish Pickup – Musicals

The Polish Pickup Theme for August was Musicals and I managed to snag up these two pretty colors! Even my husband approved!!! Sun Do Shine is inspired by the animated musical Rock-a-doodle.  This will make my very first Supermoon Polish!... Continue Reading →

Bee’s Knees Anniversary 2018

PRESS SAMPLE Happy Monday! I'm starting the week with 5 of the 12 new Bee's Knees 'IT'aversary polishes. Bee's Knees turns one September 1st and since the brand launched with an 'IT' inspired collection, it's only fitting that we get... Continue Reading →

Sassy Sauce – August 2018

PRESS SAMPLE Sassy Sauce is bringing you the August Release on Sunday August 26th @ 11am CST. Carrie has some great things planned this fall and you will want to be there for them! There is a Box and Polish... Continue Reading →

Changeling – Bee’s Knees Lacquer

I recently acquired both Changeling and Bitten by a Radioactive Shar Pei from Bee's Knees and while I enjoyed them both separately I LOVE them together! I did a little layering action and I loved how it turned out. I am... Continue Reading →

Chic Beach Weekend – 1850 Artisan Polish

PRESS SAMPLE 1850 Artisan will be releasing a new trio for the summer, and no they aren't neons! This is a set of stunning neutral creams inspired by ocean ways up and down the coast of California to enhance your... Continue Reading →

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