Polish Pick up October 2019


Polish Pick up for October is full of Urban Legends and you can’t believe most of them! LOL! If you are alive you have heard an Urban Legend, my favorite and fist one I heard was about the Alligators that lived in the sewers under New York. Needless to say growing up I avoided man holes like the plague, then I grew up and lived in Florida for a bit and discovered they are road kill there!
For this month I have 5 beautiful polishes that are exclusive to the Polish Pick up and bring you legends from around the globe!

Available October 4th – 7th

If, by chance you aren’t acquainted with The Polish Pickup (PPU) it is a monthly collection where makers have a theme picked for them by the facebook group and they create custom polishes to match the theme. Upwards of 90+ indie makers participate and create polish and non-polish products.
In a new way of shopping the group branched out to include The Indie Pickup for non polish related items and now is going by The Pick-ups! This is making it a one stop shop experience for customers who want to pick up both types of products and have one set shipping fee.

The site has also now branched out to international shipping with an International site.

Off to the Swatches!

1850 Artisan Polish is taking on Earthquake Weather, based on the legend from southern California which says that unusually warm weather without any wind is a sign that an earthquake is imminent.

Earthquake Weather is a smoky, blackened burgundy that leans slightly towards dark brown and shifts from gold to green and red. It reaches full opacity in 2 coats and gives you a different face with changing lights.

$12.50 | Cap: 150

Grace-full Nail Polish created Show Me The Money for October! Based on the legend that Bill Gates is tracking your email and will send you money. You know he’s not, Right!?!

Show Me The Money is a green/purple/blue aurora shifting shimmer with UCC flakes in blue, hot pink and purple. It reaches full opacity in 1-2 coats.

Price: $12.50 USD | Cap: US 120 UK 10
Also available in Australia through http://www.gracefullnailpolish.com.au

Sassy Cats Lacquer brings you the Jangly Man from scary stories to tell in the dark, about a man who falls to his death and stitches himself back together with a collection of parts.

Jangly Man is a dark turquoise with shifting shimmer: teal, green to purple plus blue to green shifting iridescent square mini glitters. This is a jelly base and reaches full opacity in 2-3 coats, I used 3 thin coats here.

Price: $11.50 |Cap:75us/5uk

Sassy Sauce Polish brings you the legend of The Slit Mouth Woman, a Japanese urban legend, where a woman will ask you “am I pretty?”, and if you say no, she will slaughter you!!! Say yes, and she will remove her mask to reveal her bloody ear to ear smile.

Slit Mouth Woman is an eggplant thermal, when warm it fades to a periwinkle blue with a reddish pink shimmer, micro holo glitter and crystal flakes. Reaches full opacity in 2 easy coats.

Price: $12.75 | Cap: US 300/UK 10

MTK Design is using the modern personification of the irish Banshee from WOW – Sylvanas, The Banshee Queen. The original legend says that hearing her scream is an omen of imminent death in the family.

Sylvanas’ ghostly gray pallor slightly tinted with an unhealthy lavender cools as she wanders the mores and meadows, wrapped in a dusty burgundy cloak, she laments her cursed nightly strolls. Autumn leaves rustle from the wind around her, their vibrant coppers and greens the only bright spots of color she can see through her blood stained tears.

Does the banshee weep for you?

Slave to this Curse” is a ghostly opal gray when warm, cooling to dusty dark purple mauve and dark red burgundy when completely cold; with copper to green shifting iridescent flakies and blue sparkles.

Price: $12.50 | Cap: 100 (90 US/10 UK)

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Thanks for reading!

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