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Gracefull Polish brings you Muggle Alchemy, a 10 polish collection inspired by Harry Potter. The collection has something for everyone with a variety of formulas consisting of one thermal, one holo, one jelly holo flake, one metallic foil, one ultra-chameleon magnetic, one ultra-chrome chameleon flakie, and four aurora shimmer.
The entire collection is pure magic and brings the quality you have come to expect from Gracefull!

Available September 13th at 8pm AEST/ 6am EST.

Off to the Swatches!

9 ¾ – this polish was inspired by the Hogwarts Express. It’s an orange toned red with red and gold aurora shimmer that gives a metallic look and gold flecks throughout.
Reaches full opacity in 2 easy coats.

Dora – “Tonks” inspired this polish. I love that it has the pink for her hair but that it’s magnetic and a chameleon, so it shifts color. It can be used with a magnet or without. I fell hard for this color, I had to tell myself to stop taking pictures of it, but I kept finding different color combinations as I turned my hand.
I did 3 total coats for this look, only magnetized 2 of the coats.

Moony – I love Professor Lupin and I adore this polish as to me it represents him really well. It has a purple base with green, gold and teal aurora shimmer that leaves rainbow flecks throughout. It also has micro silver flakes that leaves it with a slight silver sheen which represents the moon for me.  In different lights it shifts from purple to blue.
Reaches full opacity in 1-2 coats, yes this can be a 1 coater!

Golden Catch – this polish was inspired by the Golden Snitch. It has two different sized silver flakes and gold flakes leaving it with a foil finish.
I love this formula from Gracefull! I’m always amazed at how evenly her flakes just spread!
Reaches full opacity in 1-2 coats.

Potion no. 5 – this one was inspired by the Polyjuice potion – as the potion causes a big change in appearance a thermal seemed the only answer. This thermal is a blurple cold and moves to a jade green when warm it has Ultra Chameleon Flakes throughout.
Reaches full opacity in 2 coats.

Draco – oh Draco – Theresa has a soft spot for Draco, even though he took part in bad events, but he has such an awful father and Theresa wants to see a better side to him. This is a gorgeous aurora shimmer polish that moves from a beautiful emerald green to purple with pink and blue flecks throughout. I must admit, she’s making her case with me!
Reaches full opacity in 2 coats.

Our Hero – this polish is inspired by Neville – Theresa also loves Neville. It has a base of Ultra Chameleon Flakes in green/gold/fuchsia with a good sized sprinkle of holo flakes. It creates a sparkly chameleon polish.

You would think that you would need 3 coats with this one, but nah! I used 2 coats for my swatches. This is a great polish to add over a dark creme base for some lovely contrast.

Goblin Goldooohhh I love this one!! It looks like an olive green in the bottle but when on your nails it moves between green and gold because of the aurora shimmer. I just love it and think it’s a fabulous polish to represent Gringotts. 
Reaches full opacity in 2 coats.

Pensieve – one of Theresa’s favorite magical items – I could really do with one in my life as I’m an over thinker (just like Theresa) and being able to draw just a couple out would be heaven!
Pensieve is a silver holo with blue aurora shimmer that leaves a subtle blue sheen. There are UCC flakies throughout. 
Reaches full opacity in 2 coats.

A Million Candles – A great visual in the Harry Potter series are the candles floating in the Great Hall, this polish was inspired by that vision. With a deep blurple jelly base there are silver holo flakes throughout that sparkle and shine in the light.
Reaches full opacity in 2 coats, this also is stunning with a Matte topcoat!

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