California Lovin Indies – July 2019


California Lovin Indies is a box conceptualized by Stacy, owner and creator, of  Static Polish celebrating all things California with California Polish Makers.  This is a quarterly collaboration and some pretty iconic places are used as inspiration.

This quarter is inspired by one of the most beautiful places, Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park, Big Sur, California, more specifically McWay Falls. It is technically classified as a tidefall, a waterfall that empties into the ocean. There are less then 30 tidefalls in the world, 6 of them are in North America and only two of them are in the United States (both in California).
Big Sur has always held a special place in Stacy’s heart and it’s the same with this quarters guest, What Addiction?.

Each box contains 1 polish from each maker and the iconic holo vinyl sticker that accompanies every Cali lovin Box. The box is available through the Static Lacquer Store, link is down below.

Presale of the box begins July 26 @ 5pm pst through July 31 @ 11:59 pm pst. Priced at $20 + shipping.

Off to the Swatches!

First up is McWay Falls into the Sea from Static Lacquer, a bright Uranian almost florescent blue with blue to green shimmer, silver holo flakies, and orange to pink to gold crystal flakes.  

McWay Falls reaches full opacity in 2 coats and dries to a semi glossy finish, it’s a very “happy” color! I couldn’t help but smile when I pulled it out of the package.

Next up from What Addiction? is Emerald Tidefall, a deep teal base with teal shimmer, green micro holo glitter, and gold metallic flakes.

Emerald Tidefall reaches full opacity in 2 coats and dries to a semi glossy finish. The jelly formula gives it a look of looking through water and all of the speckles of light underneath.

I decided to use both polishes for my nail art and was inspired by both bodies of water rushing towards each other.

I used Dance legend‘s Spot on to make the water bubbles and a few colors from Fellow Cali brand 1850 Artisan Polish (Marina Del Rey[Taupe], Squid Ink[Black] and Spoonful of Sugar[Scattered holo]).

Presale of the box begins July 26 @ 5pm pst through July 31 @ 11:59 pm pst. Priced at $20 + shipping.

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Thanks for reading!

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