P.O.P Polish – Swap Box

Happy Monday! Today I bring you a trio of POP Polishes I received in a swap box, these polishes are all from different collections and are still available on the maker’s shop. Some are even on sale!

Off to the Swatches!

First I have, “I Myself Am Strange & Unusual” from the maker’s Beetlejuice Collection. This is a Grey polish with a blue, pink, purple and aqua iridescent shimmers that shift in low light. It also has some silver holo glitter for extra sparkle! It reaches opacity in 3 coats, and would look best with a grey or black indie.

Next I have “Rushmore” a Dark Matte Plum, from the Smoke & Mirrors Collecton. This is a more saturated polish and will reach opacity in 1-2 coats, this is a Matte polish so you can let it dry with no top coat, add a matte topcoat or add a glossy top coat and it will look stunning any way you wear it.

Finally from the Metallic Holoday Collection. I have “Luminary” it is a beautiful bronze in, and out of direct light. It reaches opacity in 2 coats and the holo on this polish will not quit! The rainbows don’t stop!

I really loved getting these colors in the swap box, they are a good way to further discover the brand.

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Thanks for reading!

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