My, What a Big Moon…MTK Design


Welcome to a new week! Today I bring you one of many new releases from MTK Designs, if you know Mary you know that vampy colors are her favorite. This polish was inspired by a photo a dear friend took of the Super Blood Wolf Moon in Jan 2019.

Here is the breakdown of what makes a Super Blood Wolf Moon:
Blood: Eclipse where the moon does not disapear entirely causing a red cast
Super: Closer to the earth then usual
Wolf: Full moon in January

Available: March 20th | Price: $11.50

Off to the Swatches!

My What a Big Moon is a deep dark berry leaning oxblood with shifting micro glitter from berry to violet to indigo. This polish is a jelly base but it’s pretty opaque, I only used 2 coats to reach full opacity.

Moon dries to a semi matte finish, this color lends itself to be worn with a matte or glossy topcoat. I love how squishy it looks.

Available: March 20th | Price: $11.50

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