Sassy Sauce Feb 2019 Releases


Welcome Back, Happy Valentine’s day and if you don’t celebrate, Happy Thursday!
Today I have the February releases for Sassy Sauce Polish! Get ready to jump straight into summer or be transported to a deserted island! Carrie is done with this Polar Vortex and frankly so are we!

Available February 23rd at 11 am CST | Price $11.00 each

Off to the Swatches!

First up is Polar Vortex, cause we can all agree that we need to get this out of the way. Carrie worked on this polish while locked in the house! Polar Vortex is a stunning purple holo with tons of shifty shimmer and icy blue flakes scattered through out.

Polar Vortex reaches full opacity in 2 easy coats and dries to a semi glossy finish.

Next is Turks and Cocos, who is ready to go on vacation? T&C transitions from a Coco to turquoise packed with color shifting flakes and glistens with a shifty pink shimmer, my hands were so cold I had a hard time keeping the polish warm long enough, but my hair dryer really came though!

T&C reaches full opacity in 2 coats and dries to a semi matte finish.

Next is Roxy, she is the first matte polish from Sassy Sauce!  Roxy is a Magenta base with a dark blurple multi chrome, she shifts in both her matte state and really comes out to play with a glossy top coat! I only used glossy top coat on one nail and can’t decide which way I like it better.
Best of both worlds!

Next is Crabitha, Cause who says you can’t have neons in the winter! Crabitha is a neon orange leaning coral, packed with a sun kissed golden shimmer and some crystal chameleon shifty flakes, perfect to keep you holding on to hope of summer to come!
Cabitha reaches full opacity in 2 easy coats and dries to a semi glossy finish.

The final offering for this release is a line up of new cuticle oil scents, each bottle is 6.5ml and cost $6.00 ea.

Scents available are:
Pink Suga, Bubble Gum, Monkey Farts, Fruity Loops and Pineapple.

I have Pink Suga which is a sweet confectionary scent and Monkey Farts which is a more tropical scent with a banana scent as a primary note.

I use these every day and I love the inviting scents.

Which of these will you get? I love them all, even Polar Vortex cause that is a storm I can deal with, in a bottle!

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Thanks for reading!

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