Fanchromatic – Wishful Thinking (Blurple Custom)


Fanchromatic Polish is the February featured maker for the Blurple-Winkle Polish Lovers Facebook group. After spending much time looking at the inspiration photo Lynea named this polish Wishful Thinking because it resembled some kind of sea creature or microscopic animal, and wishing it was something she could possess.
Then realizing it’s actually a necklace the pull to possess it increased!

Inspiration Photo

Price: $11 (shipping is $4 flat rate, or free on orders $25 & over!)

Off to the Swatches!

Wishful Thinking is a light periwinkle crelly, with a scattering of different tiny iridescent and holo glitters, and larger iridescent blue flakes!
Wishful thinking reaches full opacity in 2-3 coats, this is not meant to be an opaque nail color.

This is a soft and dreamy nail color that you’ll love gazing at in the chilly spring light. I described it as a princess chiffon!

Available Feb 3rd-16th, exclusively through the Blurple-Winkle Polish Lovers Facebook group: Membership is free and open to anyone. Instructions for how to purchase will be posted to the group on February 3rd.

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Thanks for reading!

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