MTK Designs – Mon Cher Feb 2019 PPU


MTK returns to Polish Pick up for the Duos and Pairs themed month of February, Mary was inspired by the love of Morticia and Gomes Addams creating another kitchen sink type of polish, plus she will also have a non polish offering a necklace that you can envision on the dainty neck of Morticia.

If, by chance you aren’t acquainted with The Polish Pickup (PPU) it is a monthly collection where makers have a theme picked for them by the facebook group and they create custom polishes to match the theme. Upwards of 90+ indie makers participate and create polish and non-polish products.
In a new way of shopping the group branched out to include The Indie Pickup for non polish related items and now is going by The Pick-ups! This is making it a one stop shop experience for customers who want to pick up both types of products and have one set shipping fee.

The site has also now branched out to international shipping with an International site.

Off to the Swatches!

Today I bring you MTK’s Polish offering called Mon Cher, if you are an Addams family fan you know where the name comes from.

MON CHER is a bright rose red when warm to dark purple when cool, swimming with tiny iridescent red micro shards, just a sprinkle of red/gold/purple/pink shifting glitter, and a little red shimmer ‘glow’, that is almond and rose scented.

Yup just as complicated as Morticia and Gomes’ love!

Available Feb 1st – 4th| Price: $12.50| Cap: 75

Mon Cher in it’s Cold State

Mon Cher in it’s Transition State

Note on Scent: I wore this polish for a few days and the rose scent though being the dominant scent was slightly subdued by the almond scent, My hands had a lovely soapy scent to them, but not completely over powering. I’m not a big Rose lover, but this was nicely balanced with the almond notes.

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