Kandy Polish Holiday Colors


Today I have a new brand to share with you Kandy Nail Lacquer, which is a vegan and toxin free nail polish line. This nail polish has an essential oil infused formula that promotes nail growth naturally, Lemon and Lavender just to name a few. 
When paired with a consistent nail care routine our nail lacquer can help maintain strong healthy nails which in return also helps with nail growth.

Kandy Nail Lacquer was launched November 2018 and was inspired by the makers health journey to veganism and the importance of the products we use on the outside of our bodies as well as those we ingest.

Today I have their newest collections, Holiday Edition and Frosty. You gain by reading this blog cause you get 10% off your entire purchase using code YVY10

Off to the Swatches!

First up, I have Hot Cocoa, a warm brown metallic polish with some subtle holo shimmers that look like chocolate on your tips! Hot Cocoa reached full opacity in 3 coats, though on most nails 2 should be enough.

The polish dries to a semi glossy finish and I used a glossy topcoat on my swatches.

Next, I have Let it snow, an Arctic sky blue metallic with pearlesque and holo shimmers that make it glow! Let it snow reached full opacity in 3 coats, but again shorter nails can get away with 2. The finish is a semi glossy and I used a glossy topcoat.

Finally, I have Red Hot this cherry red polish has some scattered holo shimmers that come out to play at different angles. Red Hot reaches full opacity in 3 coats, if you are a sheer lover Red Hot is great in 2 coats. I found I loved it more in 3 coats. The finish is a semi glossy and is topped with a glossy top coat.

I love that these colors are infused with some lovely essential oils lemon I know is great at preventing stains. Both Hot Cocoa and Let it Snow are from the Frosty collection and Red Hot is from the Holiday collection.

I must say that I fell in love with both Hot Cocoa and Let it snow!

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