Christmas Corals – MTK Design


MTK Designs takes on Christmas in Mediterranean for this holiday trio and I am all for it! This is one of three new collections being launched just in time for the holiday! MTK will start their black friday sale and launch on November 21st 6pm CST.

There will be quite a bit of deals for everything on MTK’s site so hang around to the end where I break down all the sale prices and freebies! Price for Christmas Corals:  $12.50  (15ml) / $5 (mini 6ml)  |  $30 for the 15 ml collection.

Let’s get in to the swatches!

First up I have Twilight Reef (Silent Night) a Deep dark ocean blue (cool) to bright blue (warm) thermal with micro ice blue iridescent flakies and sparkles.  

Twilight Reef reaches full opacity in 2-3 coats and dries to a semi matte finish. This color is the ultimate Mediterranean color!

R to L: Warm, Transition, Cold

Next up is Coral of the Shells (Carol of the Bells) a dusty coral red (cool) to a bright opal green (warm) thermal with a bit of gold and coper shimmer and sparkle). 

Coral of the Shells reaches full opacity in 3 coats and dries to a semi matte finish. This color looks great with the topper Arista to bring out the warm tones and when over the warm state green gives an opal effect to the polish.

the 84 diff coleslaws i bring to the fish fry (12 Polish Christmas Dish I bring to the Party)  Yup, that is the name! This is a topper that can be worn on its own either brushed on with it’s clear base or sponged on to pack the flakies and look like fish scales. 

This color is a lot of green & blue, but w/ purple & gold flashes and looks great over dark vampy colors for a deep flake pond as well as light pastel colors for a christmas crelly effect.   

The launch will also include a few Toppabilities of Iridescent flakie toppers. I have one of the 3 being released. 

Arista is a Copper / Green iridescent topper with Iridescent flakies/mini iridescent flakies/high intensity iridescent shimmers.  Arista is inspired by the Greek name for harvest.  Price $12.50  (15ml) / $5 (mini 6ml)  | $30 collection.

It can be worn on it’s own for a slight shimmery effect, over dark colors for a bold contrast or over light colors for an opalescence effect.

Now for the deal information : 

  • DISCOUNTS: 15% off anything $15 or more.  
  • Free Polish: Autumn Party.  Mini w/ $25 purch.   Full w/ $50 purch
  • CODE: thnx2u valid Nov 21st – 25th

All are pre-orders(delivery expectations:  shipped within 3 weeks; all shipped by Dec 15th).   

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