The Evolution of Carol – Sassy Cats Lacquer


November Polish Pickup has gone with the Theme of Bad Ass Women, pushing women empowerment to the forefront.

If, by chance you aren’t acquainted with The Polish Pickup (PPU) it is a monthly collection where makers have a theme picked for them by the facebook group and they create custom polishes to match the theme. Upwards of 90+ indie makers participate and create polish and non-polish products.

Mora, was inspired by Carol from the Walking Dead, I personally have not watched this show (I know), but my teenaged son has every episode and is a told TWD fan. So I asked him about Carol and then decided to do some research on their fandom page. First thing I have noticed is that the name “The evolution of Carol” is totally an appropriate name for this polish, Carol who on the show has come from a meek mild mannered woman to a gun toting, first aid applying Badass is totally the empowerment this theme embodies.

The Evolution of Carol is a cobalt blue with a ultra chrome chameleon purple to dominant blue shift magnetic polish with blue & green illusion flakes & ultra chrome chameleon flakes in blue, purple, & pink.

Carol reaches full opacity in 2-3 coats, the finish is matte and needs a glossy top coat to have that shiny finish.

Available: November 2-5 | Price: 13.00 | Cap: 75

Off to the Swatches!

This is Carol fully Magnetized.


This is Carol Not Magnetized.

DSC03218 not magnetizedDSC03220 Not magnetized

TWD is spooky and so I used Carol in a Spooky Eye nail art mani! Here I applied Carol without the magnet effect to my pointer and pinky and created reptile eyes over 1 coat of 1850 Squid Ink and Magnetized the eyes.


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