Don’t Underestimate Her Duo – MTK Design

When Mary showed me The Whole Damn Fire, I knew I needed this Duo! I love Mary’s thermals and this one did not disappoint.

This duo is still available for some miracle! Mary loves fall, halloween and all things dark (the good kind). This Duo was inspired by campfire embers and rain storms!

Off to the swatches!

I AM THE STORM is gold leaning olive (warm) to dark teal (cold) thermal with copper sparks. This polish reaches full opacity in 2-3 coats, and is super reactive.

Cold State
Cold State
Cold State
Cold State
Warm State
Warm State
Warm State
Warm State


THE WHOLE DAMN FIRE is a shifty topper that shifts chartreuse to copper to a rusty orange red; large an med copper to gold flakies, and various orange, copper, gold, & red shimmer and glitters.

I need to sponge it to see how opaque it can get, but adding this topper over any dark color will be absolutely stunning.

Here I just added one coat of the Whole Damn Fire over I am the Storm.

Cold State
Cold State
Warm State
Warm State



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