Grace-Full Christmas 2018


Are you thinking about Christmas yet? Grace-full is already ahead of the rest, Theresa loves Christmas and closes the shop in early December also this allows for orders to be shipped early enough for them to get to their destinations well before the holiday shipping mess happens. Remember these are coming from Australia.

The 7 piece Christmas collection will release October 26th @ 8pm AEST (Australian Time) and 5am EST (North American Time).

Off to the Swatches!

Merry and Bright is a crimson red magnetic polish with lighter red magnetic pieces, this is a jelly base that allows the magnetic pieces to glow from with in. This magical polish applies like a dream and you can totally rock this with or without the magnetic effect.

Merry and Bright reaches full opacity in 1-2 coats alone or magnetized this is highly pigmented.

Not Magnetized
Not Magnetized
Not Magnetized

Mistletoe is Theresa’s my favorite polish from this year! Mistletoe is a lime green with a super strong gold shift caused by aurora shimmer, all in a linear holo. “The perfect Australian Christmas polish” you will not stop staring at it!

Mistletoe reaches full opacity in 1-2 coats and adding a top coat the holo will have you thinking you are are standing in light everywhere you go!


Golden Rings is full of silver, peridot and red metallic flakes and though you won’t believe your eyes it creates an awesome bright gold color and what has impressed me the most of this polish is that it gives complete coverage in 2 coats without sponging it on!!!

I have a favorite gold that really isn’t gold, but DAMN!


Those Christmas lights  is a polish suggested by the Grace-Full fan group. Every Christmas Theresa does a night sky themed Christmas polish to celebrate her Christmas memories.

This year she made a black jelly filled with multi chrome and iridescent Crystal chameleon flakes with holo flakes and holo microglitter. They ‘light’ up and sparkle on the nail like Christmas lights. A couple of the flakes even glow in the dark!

Note: this polish has an unpleasant aroma in the bottle, but dries without a smell on the nails, this is caused by the flakies within.

Those Christmas lights reaches full opacity in 2 coats and although full of flakies self levels and dries with very little texture, 2 coats of top coat is recommended for this one, but if you use a non uv or uv gel topper you will only need one coat.


Winter Wonderland is a triphase thermal, ranging from very light grey – rose pink – grape purple. This thermal is the first creme thermal I have owned and it’s glorious! I never thought I would fall so hard for a creme!

I used 2 coats and noticed that on the warmest transition there is some VNL, so I recommend 2-3 coats.

NOTE: “This polish does become patchy when the middle color (rose pink) is shown. It’s fine when on the tip and the grey and purple transition well. It’s not often it even tries to be full middle color but we’ve lowered the cost a little to make up for this.”

Cold State
Cold State
Mid Color Warm
Mid Color Warm
Warm Color
Warm Color
Tri Phase Transition
Tri Phase Transition
Tri Phase Transition
Tri Phase Transition

Kringle is a thermal that’s mid red when cold and mid green when warm. With teeny microglitter in gold and silver throughout. This is Christmas in a bottle, the stark contrast in the transition will definitely be a talking piece.

This is very pigmented and becomes opaque in 1-2 coats I used 2 due to my long nails.

Cold State
Cold State
Cold State
Cold State
Warm Transition
Warm Transition
Warm Transition
Warm Transition

Frosty is a combination of blue and silver metal flakes that dance on your nails. This is the blue light that will guide your way in a storm, it’s amazing at the shine that come off this color!

Frosty reaches full opacity in 2 coats and looks like it was sponged on though it was not!


This collection has something for everyone with a few twists on colors you wouldn’t expect!

The collection will go on sale October 26th @ 8pm AEST (Australian Time) and 5am EST (North American Time).

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Thanks for reading!



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