2nd Bloggerversary

It’s been 2 years since I started sharing my nail journey online and I can’t help but think back to all the things I have learned and all the people I have met. I’ve built this lovely village around me and for once in my life I don’t feel alone or lost.

I have learned more than just nail techniques, I’ve learned that many people in this village have daily struggles and manage to produce stunning nail art and pictures that take your breath away, show so much generosity, while they are silently struggling with life.

Yet, many take the time to build others up, help them through issues, share their polish, their lives and even in death they come out to help those left behind. I grew up with a very small circle and over these years have found sisters from every corner of the world.

I dedicate this blog to you.

This month has been a struggle for me personally and I can’t say how thankful I am to dive in to my blog and share pretty things that make me feel better and hopefully help someone out there.

Alright swatch time, I was playing around with this design for halloween.

I used the Serum No.5 – Things are strange as my base and the carbon & copper stamping sauces and matte top coat from Sassy Sauce Polish.


Photo Oct 14, 1 44 41 PMPhoto Oct 14, 1 50 15 PM


Thank you for another year!


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Thanks for reading!



6 replies to “2nd Bloggerversary

  1. Congratulations, happy 2nd blog-a-versary! Thank you for your lovely pictures and words. There is a lot of support in the nail community and long may it happen xx

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