Kiss Me New Kid – Bee’s Knees Lacquer

Kiss Me New Kid was part of the Bee’s Knees IT-aversary celebrating their first year opened. This color was created on a whim by maker Sarah and added to the collection at the last minute.

KMNK is a steel gray polish with OG UP (Original Unicorn Pee) Pigment, it also has a matching creme undie. If you have never tried a BKL creme polish, you should! I was not a great fan of cremes unless they were for stamping or nail art, Sarah has converted me.

The Cremes are highly pigmented and only 2 coats will bring it to full opacity add a top coat and it looks like a gel polish due to it’s squishiness! The OG UP polish though a bit sheer reaches opacity in 3 thin coats, it can be worn without an undie if you wish.

Off to the Swatches:

Kiss me new kid (1 coat undie, 2 coats OG UP)

Photo Sep 30, 1 06 16 PMPhoto Sep 22, 1 02 57 PMPhoto Sep 30, 1 07 12 PMPhoto Sep 30, 1 10 03 PM

Kiss me new kid (Undie) – 2 coats

Photo Sep 30, 12 48 04 PMPhoto Sep 30, 12 48 59 PMPhoto Sep 30, 12 49 47 PM

I am slowly picking up cremes from BKL. Did you snag any of these?

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