Indie Pick Up – October


I have a couple of items that will sell on the October IPU Villain Theme. Indie Pick Up is the sister box to PPU, IPU focuses on Indie sold products that are not polish so you can find anything from jewelry to nail oil.

First up I have a Polish Blossom Charm from MTK Design, this will be Mary’s debut IPU offering and is combination of two crafts – Polish and a wire blossom.

The charm was inspired by The Lord Prince of Darkness from Legend (1985) called WHAT IS LIGHT WITHOUT DARKNESS. It is created by hand swirling two polish: EMBRACE DARKNESS (Oct PPU Exclusive) and FOR GOODNESS SAKE, into each petal; then clear coated front.

Since DARKNESS is thermal the back is left naked so you can touch this; watch the color change forever. Each blossom is unique with it’s own character and balance of dark and light finished with a black crystal stone center.

Strung on 18in leather-like black braided cord w/ 2in chain accented w/ red blood drop stone.

$10.00 each || Cap: 100.



Finally I have a Scented Kitty Kaps Nail Tape from Sassy Cats Lacquer. Mora was inspired by Venom as she was for her Polish PPU contribution. This latex based nail tape is called Wrapped in Venom as it goes on gray and dries black and for the scent it’s Pumpkin Spice with a strong leaning to the cinnamon.

This is Latex and if you have any allergies to latex please take heed, the scent will become apparent as the Nail Tape dries. I used it and the scent stayed with me through a couple of hand washings, the smell is only strong enough to be detected by bringing your hands close to your nose. So you won’t walk around smelling like a cinnamon bark.

$7.00 Each || Cap: 40



Indie Pick Up opens October 19-22 and ships a few weeks after. I hope you pick up these products in your order.

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Thanks for reading!



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