1850 California Fall 2018


It’s officially fall and 1850 is feeling the bug, though sunny california doesn’t really go through the extreme seasonal change they do have many parks and natural landmarks that give you that sense.

Nikki was inspired by the fall colors and looked throughout California to find the inspiration for the fall collection which will release October 12th @ 3:00 pm PST/ 12:00 pm EST. I loved playing with these colors and it’s my favorite collection by her so far! I do reserve the right to say this again later!

Let’s get to the Swatches:

Angels Camp

First up I have, “Angels Camp” a beautiful shimmering bronze with multichrome flakies that shift in a range of green/gold/orange and fuschia.  This stunning color is a flakie lover’s dream and it can be worn alone in 3 coats or as a topper and used for nail art sponged on. Although high on the flakie count, these all lay down and dry nice and smooth!

My Favorite combo for Angels Camp is over Chaparral.



Next up is “Chaparral“(pronounced shap-uh-ral), a fiery multichrome that shifts gold/pink/red and orange and then it hits you with a pink/gold aurora shimmer. Named for the unique ecosystem in California that depends on fire to help stimulate seed growth and renewal. Nikki always teaches me something new!

Chaparral reaches full opacity in 3 coats and is also great as a topper over other colors. I tried it over blue and I got a purple multichrome action that had me staring at my thumb all the next day!




Joshua Tree

Next I have “Joshua Tree”  a soft, dusty olive green with gold to green shifting shimmer. It is inspired by the plant of the same name found in the desert of the Joshua Tree
National Park.

Joshua Tree reaches full opacity in 3 coats and dries to a semi matte finish, it also stamps!


Joshua Tree Stamped over Muir Woods
Joshua Tree Stamped over Muir Woods
Muir Woods

Next is “Muir Woods” (pronounced myoor, rhymes with pure), a lightly shimmering sultry mahogany inspired by the Sequoia Redwood trees that grow in this breathtaking National Monument.

Muir reaches full opacity in 2 coats and is a perfect fall shade of burgundy brown.



Finally I have, “Senescence” a beautiful thermal that transitions from a golden, rusty orange when warm to a deep forest green when cold, and is sprinkled throughout with golden holographic glitter and gold micro flakies.

Senescence reaches full opacity in 2 coats and dries to a semi matte finish. This thermal is all about letting go of the past and embracing the beauty of what’s to come. This also a great base for Angel’s Camp one coat over it and you have hella flakies to add to the gold flakies already in it!

Senescence is the scientific word that describes the aging and deterioration of leaves that turn them into beautiful fall colors.



As I mentioned earlier this is my favorite collection from 1850 so far I love all the colors and how well they complement each other!

The California Fall 2018 Collection will release on Friday October 12th, @ 3:00 pm PST / 12:00 pm EST. 

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