Fandom Flakies – August 2018

I have the August Fandom Flakie box for you today, this box was inspired by the Novel “The Ocean at the end of the Lane”. I just started reading this book, the makers were all really inspired the feminine power of the Hempstock family.

The fandom flakie box features core makers Bee’s Knees Lacquer & Night Owl Lacquer with a guest maker in each box. The box has gorgeous limited edition flakie polishes themed after all sorts of fandoms.

Available every month on the second Friday for a week long pre-order.

Let’s get to the Swathes: 

First up is Bee’s Knees Lacquer “Across the Ocean” this is a deep dark turquoise full of large iridescent flakes that flash green, blue, purple, yellow, and a hint of pink shimmer.

Across the Ocean reaches opacity at 3 coats, this is a jelly so there will be some VNL. It dries to a semi matte finish which reminds me, this will also show off the flakies with a matte topper!


Next up is Night Owl Lacquer’s “That’s Why They’re Monsters” this is a white base full of pink/red shimmer & sparks, red/pink/copper/gold crystal chameleon flakes and charcoal flakes.

That’s why they’re monsters reaches full opacity in 2 coats and the pink shimmer comes out to play when a glossy top coat is applied.


Finally is the guest maker, Great Lakes Lacquer “Monsters Are Scared” this is a twilight purple filled with holo microflake, shifting pink to green shimmer, red to gold to bronze multichrome flake, and a soft linear holo that is inspired by Lettie’s evening stace against Ursula Monkton.

Monsters are scared reaches full opacity in 2 coats this is a jelly base but as with all of mariah’s formulas it’s highly pigmented. It dries to a semi matte finish and a matte top coat will deepen the purple base and highlight those flakies!


This is another great box from fandom flakies, Congratulations Ladies!


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