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I have the latest collection from Grace-Full Polish, Enchanted Fables is a stunning, stunning (I meant that twice!) collection of Fairytale inspirations. There are 8 polishes, 3 holo, 3 thermals, a metallic flake and an aurora shimmer and all have an outstanding formula!

The collection will go on sale September 28th @ 8pm AEST (Australian Time) and 6am EST (North American Time).

I honestly feel like a little girl going through these polishes and recalling reading these fairytales.

On to the swatches!

If The Shoe Fits – Inspired by Cinderella

If the Shoe Fits – a light blue linear holo with shimmer in blue and pink and chameleon iridescent flakes. This is the Ice Blue slipper on your finger nails!

If the Shoe fits reached full opacity in 3 coats, depending on your nail length 2 may be enough, and dried to a semi glossy finish, so a Glossy top coat is needed. The holo on this polish is blinding!

It applied smoothly and evenly.





Hair-o-ine – Inspired by Rapunzel

Hair-o-ine – Is a lavender and pink shimmer in a purple orchid linear holo base with large gold flakies.


Hair-o-ine reached full opacity in 2 coats it’s a super pigmented color and on shorter nails 1 coat will be enough, She  has a HIGH Shine when topped with a glossy top coat.






Kiss a Prince – Inspired by The Frog Prince

Kiss a Prince – a pea green linear holo with rose gold flakes and crystal chameleon flakes in pink, green and gold.


Kiss a Prince reaches full opacity in 2 coats again add a glossy top coat and it’s mega watt shine comes out to play! The flakes make this polish look like a forrest of trees. It’s something to see!



Sleeping Rose – Inspired by Sleeping Beauty/Briar Rose

Sleeping Rose – Rose pink thermal that is rose pink when cold and a super light pink when warm, there are gold flakes throughout.

Sleeping Rose reaches full opacity in 2 coats and dries to a matte finish, this gold flakes lay down and leave a smooth to the touch finish. I added a glossy top coat to this one.

The thermal pigment is highly reactive it actually changed color as I was applying it!


Cold State
Warm Transition
Cold State
Warm Transition


Belle of the Ball – Inspired by Beauty and the Beast

Belle of the Ball – a yellow to very light yellow thermal, warm is very light yellow and cold is yellow. It has gold and red holo microglitter throughout.

Belle reached full opacity in 2 coats for a creme base this is great! She dried to a matte textured(due to the hex holo glitters) finish, I added a glossy top coat and still had a bit of texture left, if you want a more smooth finish a 2nd top coat layer is recommended.

The transition is pretty subtle and unless you are very cold you may not tell the difference between them.

Cold Sate
Warm Transition
Cold Sate
Warm Transition
Sirens’ Tale – Inspired by the Little Mermaid

Sirens’ Tale – a turquoise metallic flake with sparks of blue metallic flakes.

Sirens’ Tale is very much a metallic, it will need to dry a little longer in between coats. My swatches have 3 coats of Siren and a glossy top coat.

The last coat was more to cover some areas where it applied sparse, this was because I didn’t wait longer for it to dry between coats. If you wait longer than I did you may only use 2 coats.

Bring out your sunglasses because Siren reflects soo much light!


Mister Right – Inspired by Prince Charming

Mister Right – a royal blue to sky blue thermal, it’s sky blue when warm. There are silver flakes throughout with aurora shimmer that gives a purple shift.

I will tell you know I LOVE this color, like really! Every transition has me in awe! I can’t stop staring at it!

Ok, so details, Mr. Right reached opacity in 2 coats and dries to a semi matte finish, so a glossy top coat is also applied. Now this color would totally be just as stunning with a matte top coat.

Cold State
Warm Transition
Cold State
Warm Transition


Pick Your Poison – Inspired by Snow White

Pick Your Poison – an aurora shimmer that allows the polish to be hot pink in some lights and bright red in others.

…Poison reaches full opacity with 2 coats and dries to a semi glossy finish.

The aurora shimmers in this polish love to play tricks with the camera especially under light. In person this color is very much candy apple red with gold shimmers at the extremes.

Needless to say it’s a stunning color that will have you staring at your hands for hours!


If you never tried Grace-Full, you have to try them! The formula is outstanding and the colors are absolutely mind blowing, you know I love me a good HOLO!

The collection will go on sale September 28th @ 8pm AEST (Australian Time) and 6am EST (North American Time).

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Thanks for reading!




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