Faded Jewels – Heather’s Hues


Today I have the Faded Jewels collection from Heather’s Hues, which will be releasing Friday, 9/28 at 1pm EST. This isn’t the typical fall collection which I like because you can hang on to spring and summer in a way with just a little bit of fade.

This collection features 5 faded jewel tone crellies, each kissed with a different color aurora shimmer giving some a monochromatic look, as well as 2 toppers packed with iridescent flakies and glitters.

The formula on these is amazingly smooth and self leveling. I love how soft they are and honestly with the toppers you can make them sparkle! I will be adding a coat of each topper to all the colors for comparison.

Let’s get into the swatches!

Honeydew Hush

Honeydew Hush: a muted honeydew crelly with a hint of green to pink aurora shimmer.


Honeydew reaches full opacity in 3 coats and dries to a glossy finish, though I found that adding a glossy top coat will make the shimmers come to life on the nail!

This would look great with a dark green leaf stamp under a coat of honeydew and there goes your fall!



With Opalescence (Middle Finger)
With Iridescence (Ring Finger)


Lemon Chiffon Chill

Lemon Chiffon Chill: a softened lemon yellow crelly with red-green-gold aurora shimmer and a touch of gold microflakes


I am a Yellow lover and this lemon chiffon on top of making me hungry also gives me all the feels!

It reaches opacity in 3 coats and has a glossy finish, a glossy top coat is recommended to make the aurora and gold microflakes come out to play!



With Opalescence (Middle Finger)
With Iridescence (Ring Finger)


Muted Mauve

Muted Mauve: a grayed out red-violet crelly with a hint of fuschia-copper-gold aurora shimmer.


Muted reached full opacity in 3 coats and ended with a glossy finish, again the shimmers in all these polishes love a glossy topcoat and really show themselves with it.

I loved this color because as it dries it darkens up giving that try mauve color.



With Iridescence (Ring Finger)
With Opalescence (Middle Finger)


Paled Periwinkle

Paled Periwinkle: a lightened periwinkle crelly with a smattering of blue-indigo-violet aurora shimmer.


This is like a baby blurple coming through here, I absolutely love a good periwinkle and Heather delivered here!.

Paled reaches full opacity in 3 coats and dries to a glossy finish.



With Iridescence (Ring Finger)
With Opalescence (Middle Finger)


Softened Sky

Softened Sky: a faded turquoise crelly with a sprinkle of blue-teal-violet aurora shimmer


This color is like a warm cozy blanket, something about it makes you relax and lets you get enveloped in it!

It reaches full opacity in 3 coats and a top coat is recommended

Again, as it dries it darkens, it’s part of that cocooning process!


With Iridescence (Ring Finger) and Opalescence (Middle Finger)



Iridescence: a topper filled with a mix of small and medium rainbow iridescent glitters and flakes, and a touch of holo flakes.


Iridescence looks great over any color with one coat and also alone.

The glitters lay flat and self level.





Opalescence: a topper filled with linear holo, iridescent flakes in blue-purple-green-teal-gold, and a touch of holo flakes.


This is a holo topper so it will mute any undie color and blind you with rainbows!

The finish is smooth and even layered.





Faded Jewels is being released September 28th at 1pm EST and the price point for them is $11/each or $70 for the full collection set of 7 polishes.

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Thanks for reading!




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