Static Lacquer is in full Halloween mode and is brining us a trio of crellies inspired by the Classic Comedy Series The Munsters. I remember watching this show on reruns growing up and I love the color scheme Stacy picked for this trio! They all remind me of the characters.

This trio is an exclusive for The Polish Nook and will only be found on their website The Munsters Trio goes on sale on September 28th for $11.00 a bottle.

Let’s get into the Swatches:

DSC01150First up is Dead on my Feet  a light grey green crelly base with ucc flakes. This polish reminds me of grandpa munster’s face, when they filmed and aired in color.

Dead on my Feet reaches full opacity in 3 thin coats, and dried to a semi glossy finish. But would look great with a matte top coat!

This is a crelly so you want to use thin coats to allow the polish to dry faster between coats and avoid drag marks.




Next up is, Lovely Weeds for a Lovely Lady a beautiful grey blue crelly base with ucc flakes that almost looks minty green.

This color reminds me of Herman Munster’s face and he loved picking weeds for his lovely wife!

Lovely Weeds…reaches full opacity in 2 coats and dried to a semi glossy finish.





Finally I have, 1313 Mockingbird Lane a dark grey crelly base with ucc flakes. This is the famous fictional address where the Munster family lived.

The color of this polish resembles the concrete exterior of the house.

1313…reached full opacity in 2 coats and dried to a semi glossy finish.



Again, the Trio will be available on The Polish Nook on September 28th, Which are you getting or are you getting them all??

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