Cuticula – “Seamless” Ridge Filler


Cuticula is working on formulating a Ridge filler called “Seamless” to add to their product line, if you follow my blog you know my nails are always covered up with layers of polish, today I will be showing you my naked nails, AHHHH! Hide your acrylics, hide your gels, I’m going bare!

So full disclosure, I have one nail covered in gel, because it tore and I have been working on a few projects where I needed to keep my length.

I have yellow nails from wearing dark polishes I rarely go naked so I don’t really worry about them being yellow, this doesn’t mean I don’t take care of my nails. I also have an autoimmune disease that makes my nails brittle for which I take medicine, herbal supplements and rub all sorts of tonics on my nails (Oils & Creams). I also have ridges the depth of valleys!

Once you have ridges, it’s very had to get rid of them and any product you use is just a masking to improve the look of your nail with polish over them. Like wise buffing your ridges will only leave you with very weak nails as you are removing layers of your healthy nails, yes the ridges are the healthier part of your nails, the concave is the thin unhealthy portion of the nails and which don’t grow.

Ok, so of to the review.

Seamless is a creamy Ridge Filler is formulated with proteins to fill imperfections and ridges on the surface of the nail giving your nails a smooth and even finish for polishing and is 5 Free and Cruelty Free.

I have been using one coat of seamless under my mani’s for a few weeks now and I came from 2 coats of base under my manis, already an improvement. Seamless with just one coat levels my nails enough to apply 1-2 coats of color and one coat of top coat, I used to do 2/2/2.

If I by the rare chance go without color, I use 2 coats of the filler and my nails feel smooth and visibly have a pretty matte finish to them.

I was able to keep a mani for a week with Seamless and my mani suffered no chips!


Overall, I really am loving Seamless I don’t have to use too many coats and find it to be long lasting. Please note my bottle is a proto and therefore has no label, the final product will include a label.

This product will release September 28th at 10am PST, and will be available for $5.00 for a limited time and then priced at $8.50 after the launch week.

My Seamless is unscented, but as with all things Cuticula there will be a variety of scent offerings and unscented as well. I am reviewing the unscented, but can say having used the scented Silk base coat these scents last a long time even under color and unscented top coats!

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