Sassy Sauce – Polish Con Minneapolis Exclusives


Sassy Sauce will be at their first Polish Con this year in Minneapolis on September 15th! These Exclusives were inspired by a few things around Minnesota and I think that Carrie really held true to her inspirations, meanwhile some stunning colors!

These exclusives will only be sold at the event, while you are there Sassy Sauce will have a her most recent collections all polishes will be $10.00 each (Exclusives included) and if you buy 4 you will receive a free wrapped mystery polish! Check out the list of the polishes that will be live at the event here you will have to be a member of the Polish Con Facebook group.

Ok, now off to the Swatches!


First up is Whole Lotta Lakes, We all know that Minnesota is known as the state with 10,000 lakes, so it’s only fitting that a lake polish inspire our makers!

Whole Lotta Lakes is a Muddy brown to bright green thermal polish with a boatload (pun intended) of duo chrome flakes and a sparkling violet shimmer!

Whole Lotta Lakes reached full opacity in 2 easy coats and dried to a semi matte finish.


Cold State
Warm Transition State
Cold State
Warm Transition State
Cold State
Warm Transition State
Cold State
Warm Transition State


DSC00803Next up, I have Holy Twine! Darwin, Minnesota is home to the largest ball of twine, have you seen that thing?!? All road trips across the northern states include this stop.

Holy Twine! is a shimmery golden crelly with rainbow flakes and bronze micro flakes. This is a stunning neutral that flatters any skin tone!

Holy Twine applied in 3 thin coats on my long nails, some can get away with just 2 coats and it dried to a semi glossy finish.




DSC00801 Finally, this is Skipping on the Skyway. The Minneapolis Skyway is a system of interlocked pedestrian enclosed footbridges spread across 80 city blocks in downtown Minneapolis, this is how to get your steps in!

Skipping… is a creamy turquoise base with a copper and violet shimmer and green/blue/violet shifting large flakies!

Skipping…reached full opacity in 2 coats and dried to a semi glossy finish. Every angle delivers a beautiful shimmer!


While you are there make sure to tell Carrie I sent you and she’ll give you a hug! Honestly I think she’ll be hugging everybody! LOL!

To keep up with all things Polish Con make sure to join the Facebook Group where all the vendors will be posting exclusive sneak peeks, price lists and all the happenings during the convention!

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Thanks for reading!





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