Horror Movies D- Le | Polish Pickup Sept 2018

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Welcome Back! If you are following this in order you would have already seen my A-C Post yesterday, If not here is a link to it! Now, you are back for some scary swatches of participating makers for Horror Movies, get ready for memories of some scary movies! You may want to read this with a friend!

If by chance you aren’t acquainted with The Polish Pickup (PPU) it is a monthly collection where makers have a theme picked for them by the facebook group and they create custom polishes to match the theme. Upwards of 90+ indie makers participate and create polish and non-polish products. The group has grown so much that they now have a separate line of business called The Indie Pickup for all non-polish items, check them out here.

Let’s keep rolling through the ABC’s, well we are at D here!

Darling Diva |Get off her you bitch!
PRICE $13.00|CAP: 200
DESCRIPTION: black with flakes holo etc and unicorn sister pee

Alien is one of the first movies I saw with a Female badass, Sigourney Weaver will forever be my hero! Even as a kid I felt very empowered by her grit! So, no I am not scared of watching this movie and I have watched the franchise multiple times.

Get off her you Bitch! is a beautiful Black scattered holo with multicolored flakies that shift in blues, purple and gold. This beauty is inspired by the movie Aliens and particularly “the” Alien! This polish reaches full opacity in 3 coats and dries to a semi matte finish, the formula applied nice and smooth!


Delush Polish | Want to Play a Game?
EFFECT: Magnetic|PRICE $12.50|CAP: 350
DESCRIPTION: a multichrome emerald-green magnetic featuring glistening flakies and aurora shimmer with an accent of pink/purple when applying a magnet.

The Saw francise has a special place in my heart because these were the first movies my husband and I saw together on dates! This color reminds me of us too! The color palette for this polish is inspired by SAW II I think, where a woman is hanging in a room with a green glow and I think we all know where the pink came in.

Want to play a game looks stunning as a multichrome and no magnetic effect and then some more once the magnet it applied! I used 2 coats for full opacity and applied my magnet on every wet layer to bring up those magnetic pigments. It dried to a semi matte finish with no texture issues.


Dollish Polish | He Who Walks Behind The Rows
INSPIRATION: The Children of the Corn
PRICE $12.50|CAP: None
DESCRIPTION: A glowing burnt orange with red/copper & gold chameleon flakes.

He who walks behind the rows is a perfect gourd color and gets us ready for fall. The maker recommends 3 coats for full opacity I was able to get away with 2 coats on my swatches. This color perfectly matches the inspiration poster, I love the intensity of the flakes on this one!


Dreamland Lacquer |She is Vampyr
Bram Stoker’s Dracula
PRICE $12.00|CAP: 200
DESCRIPTION: A medium red-leaning orange filled with subtle holo shimmer, gold iridescent flakies and aurora shimmer.

She is Vampyr was inspired by an orange red dress worn by Lucy Westenra, one of Dracula’s many brides. She is Vampyr reaches full opacity in 2-3 coats depending on length, I used 3 coats for my swatches. This is a crelly with tons of flakies it applies smoothly and self levels. I suggest that the first layer dry well before applying the next coats.


ellagee | Something has found us
INSPIRATION: Cloverfield
Price $12.00 | CAP: None
DESCRIPTION: A smokey blue/seafoam/patina shifting base with intense lime/gold/copper shifting sparkle.

Something has found us is a gorgeous metallic shifty marvel! The green patina look to it totally captures the poster for the movie Cloverfield! Something has found us reached full opacity in 2-3 coats for me, If you wear it over a black undie the color doesn’t change, but you can see a deeper shade in the green. It dried to a satin finish with no formula issues.


Emily de Molly | Love Each Day
EFFECT: Magnetic | Price $12.00 | CAP: None
DESCRIPTION: A tan/nude holo with gold shimmer and a gold magnetic effect.

This gorgeous gold shimmer magnetic is stunning with or without the magnet effect. I applied 2 coats without the magnet and if you are shy about them looks lovely in just one coat!

For the magnetized effect I applied 2 coats (magnetized every layer) and loved the shift from a shiny gold to a tannish gold effect.

I’ve swatched these with and without the magnetic effect for your viewing pleasure.


Ethereal Lacquer | Moonlit Machete
INSPIRATION: Friday the 13th
Price $12.00 | CAP: None
DESCRIPTION:  A blurple crelly with chameleon flakies and large particle multichrome shimmer.

This is Ethereal’s sophomore offering to PPU and it’s a beauty! Inspired by Jason’s Moonlit kills and the ever-present blood that glistens a blurple hue on his Machete! Moonlit Machete applies beautifully in 2 coats and since it has a boatload of flakies in there will need 2 coats of topcoat or a non uv gel topper.


Fair Maiden Polish | Hello Clarice
The Silence of the Lambs
Price $11.00 | CAP: None
DESCRIPTION: a muted blue/gray linear holo with color shift copper to gold with iridescent flakes and glitter that shift copper-gold-green.

Just hearing the name of this polish I can still remember what comes after…”Hello Clarice”..slurp slurp slurp!  Clarice is a beautiful blue to gray linear holo with tons of rainbows so much so that it drove my camera crazy! This is one you will have reflecting all sorts of lighting.

The application was smooth and even, she dried to a semi glossy finish and reached full opacity in 2-3 coats. I used 3 coats for my swatches.


Fanchromatic Nails| One Exquisite Kiss
Price $12.00 | CAP: 90
DESCRIPTION: A blue/purple duochrome with a soft scattered holo effect, with flakies that shift from turquoise, blue, purple, pink, to gold!

This blurple duochrome really matches the inspiration photo for One Exquisite Kiss. The shift on this one is found at extreme angles, but the holo pops out on every angle, I was able to get full opacity in 2 coats and it dried to a matte finish.


Femme Fatale | Arborville
Price $13.00 | CAP: None
DESCRIPTION: A red shine on a purple berry base with red chrome and iridescent flakes

Applies smooth and evenly in 2 coats though it’s nearly a one coater! The chrome and iridescent flakes makes it shift almost like a multichrome base. Be Careful! This one will consume you!


Fiendish Fancies | Broken Mirror, Broken Minds
Price $11.50 | CAP: 100
DESCRIPTION: Blue-purple with gold, yellow and blue flakes

Broken Mirror, Broken Minds is inspired by the DVD poster of the original 1961 movie, Suspira is a true horror film and the entire movie is shot in Red/Blurple/Yellow/White lighting, Looking at this polish Lara captured the blurple color that is dominant in the movie.

Broken Mirror, Broken Minds is a beautiful blurple that almost looks metallic, it applies smoothly and evenly in just 2 coats.


Flirtin’ | A Night to Die For
EFFECT: Glitter | Price $11.00 |CAP: 75
DESCRIPTION: Metallic base with silver and red holo

This is the first offering to PPU from Flirtin’ polish, A Night to Die For is a beautiful glitter bomb that stands out on every accent nail! I applied it using the sponge technique and they laid flat after using a non uv gel topper. You will want to use this over a peel of base coat of your choice as removal is…you know how hard glitter is to remove!

I loved that though a glitter bomb, once applied evenly it looked like it was poured on the nail.


Grace-Ful |Let’s Play
Price $11.50 | CAP: 130
DESCRIPTION: Cobalt blue jelly with UCC flakies and crystal chameleon flakes with holo glitter and aurora pigment that deepens the blue in some lights and adds a purple flash.

Let’ play really played with me! This stunner made my camera go crazy because it couldn’t keep up with all the holo flash and purple shimmer flash shining back to it. It’s a jelly that doesn’t behave like one! I was able to get full opacity in 2 coats and it dried to a semi-matte finish. Once I applied the top coat everything changed before my eyes!


Great Lakes Lacquer | Redrum
PRICE $13.00 | CAP: None
DESCRIPTION: An oxblood linear holo filled with shifting magenta to orange shimmer and finished with holo microflake

Redrum is typical Mariah! This baby is a one coater and holo out the…blood filled elevator! I used 2 coats cause I’m neurotic and I do that. Dries to a semi matte finish so a glossy top coat is recommended.


Heather’s Hues| Revenge
Resident Evil – The Final Chapter
EFFECT: Magnetic | PRICE $13.50 or $14.25 w/ magnet | CAP: None
DESCRIPTION: a charcoal gray magnetic with fuchsia/red/copper/gold shift, UCC flakes in gold/bronze/silver and red/copper/gold, and holo microglitters in red, copper, and gold

Revenge is inspired by the Dvd cover for this final chapter of Resident Evil. I must say that this polish looks great with or without the magnetic effect. It’s a multichrome magnetic and all of the colors come across beautifully.

The application was smooth and it’s highly pigmented. I used 2 coats on both the magnetized and non magnetized swatches, no undie needed here.

In order to get a the full magnetized effect apply the magnet over every wet coat of this polish for 30 seconds. A trick I use is to apply the magnet and blow on the nail while I hold it, this dries the polish faster and the effect stays.


Illyrian Polish| Time To Go To Sleep
 The Evil Dead
PRICE $13.00 | CAP: None
DESCRIPTION: A dark indigo blue base with silver holo glitters, sparkles and flakes. A red/gold/orange multichrome shift and blue/purple  iridescent flakes.

Time to go to sleep is inspired by the 1981 movie poster and honestly this polish gives it more dimension!

The application on this polish is true to the Illyrian formula, …go to sleep reaches full opacity in 2-3 coats depending on nail length, I used 2 medium coats. It is recommended that the first coat dry well before moving on to the next. The first coat will look sheer, but this is typical of most multi-chromes.


Jior Couture |Sikiliza Kwa Wahenga
EFFECT: Thermal | PRICE $12.50|CAP: None
DESCRIPTION:  Luxuriously rich copper brown thermal that shifts from a golden copper (warm) to warm chocolate-brown (cold) with copper shimmer and denim blue-green aurora pigment
This lacquer dries to a semi matte finish. Using a gloss topcoat adds shine and really brings out the Aurora pigment.

Sikiliza Kwa Wahenga is the ominous song played at the beginning of the movie forewarning the main character of what his fate would be!

Cold State
Cold State
Cold State
Cold State
Warm Transition State
Warm Transition State
Warm Transition State
Warm Transition State

Jreine| Hiya Georgie!
INSPIRATION: Stephen King’s IT
EFFECT: Thermal | PRICE $13.00 | CAP: None
DESCRIPTION: A red to yellow thermal packed with crystal shifting flakes and tons of aurora shimmer. Red when cold yellow when warm.

This polish is dead on with its inspiration photo, the transition from red to yellow is amazing! I am a yellow lover and run hot, so I get to see it most of the time, but the cool red on this is Murder! I was able to get full opacity in 3 coats most will get away with 2 as I have a prominent nail line, Hiya Georgie dries to a matte finish. This color looks great in matte and in glossy!

Cold State
Cold State
Cold State
Cold State
Warm Transition State
Warm Transition State
Warm Transition State
Warm Transition State

KB Shimmer| The One Soul
INSPIRATION: Constantine
EFFECT: Thermal | PRICE $11.00 | CAP: None
DESCRIPTION: The One True Soul, is a nod to Lucifer who would come to collect Constantine.  This very collection scene, with its shades of light green playing against the dark shadows, sets the stage for the movies climax perfectly.

The One Soul, starts with a muted mint green base that leans blue-gray and a hint of sparkle, and a shimmery turquoise color.

The One Soul reaches full opacity in 2-3 coats depending on nail length, I used 2 coats for my swatches.

Cold State
Cold State
Cold State
Cold State
Warm State
Warm State
Warm State
Warm State

Lantern & Wren| Fintastic!
PRICE $11.00 | CAP: None
DESCRIPTION: bright royal blue with a stunning light blue shimmer

So full disclosure, I’ve never watched sharknado! But Fintastic is an amazing blue jelly with such a stunning blue shimmer you would think you are underwater! Upon first sight you are not expecting to be blinded by the blue shimmer!

I was able to reach full opacity in 3 coats on my long nails, 2 will do for most though. Fintastic dries to a semi matte finish and can be a little bit of a stainer a good base coat is recommended.


Le Polish|They’re Dead and You Want to Teach Them Tricks?
INSPIRATION: Day of the Dead
PRICE $12.50 | CAP: 200
DESCRIPTION: a dark taupe polish with red aurora shimmer and blue to green color shifting flakes and a hint of holo sparkle.

Inspired by Day of the Dead by George Romero. It’s part of an informal Romero Trio with Lollipop Posse Lacquer and Supernatural Lawyer who are doing Dawn of the Dead and Night of the Living Dead.

They’re dead reaches full opacity in 2 coats, I suggest you let the first coat dry first the formula is a bit thick due to all the flakies in it but this is to be expected and will self level and dry with no texture.


Leesha’s Lacquer|Alien Blood
PRICE $11.00 | CAP: None
A black based jelly with a gold/green shimmer and green hex microglitters.

Alicia always found it AWESOME that the aliens blood was green so this polish is an homage to that, I think this color is just on time for fall, I loved the shimmer that came from within. Alien Blood reached full opacity in 2 coats and dried to a semi matte finish. This polish can be worn with a glossy or matte top coat to play off the glitters.


Lemming Lacquer | Deeper Into the Further
INSPIRATION: Insidious, The Further in the Insidious series.
PRICE $13.00| CAP: 300
DESCRIPTION: Dark blue jelly base with blue shimmer and blue/purple iridescent flakes.

The Further is a vast, dark, empty purgatory dimension inhabited by the tortured souls of the dead and demons. This dimension can be visited by “travelers” using astral projection while they sleep, leaving the traveler’s body in danger of possession by the malevolent spirits in the Further.

Deeper reached full opacity in 2 coats and dried to a matte finish, this polish will need a good base coat as it does stains a bit. The glossy top coat gives this color a squishy look that is mesmerizing and the matte brings all those flakies to the forefront.



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