Bee’s Knees Anniversary 2018


Happy Monday! I’m starting the week with 5 of the 12 new Bee’s Knees ‘IT’aversary polishes. Bee’s Knees turns one September 1st and since the brand launched with an ‘IT’ inspired collection, it’s only fitting that we get a launch of revamped versions from that collection, plus some new colors. I am very excited to see how Bee’s Knees has grown this year I’ve been a fan since day one and am honored to bring these swatches to you!

The entire collection will launch on September 1st at 12 noon EST. This collection is very UP heavy, sarah and her team figured they would either go big or go home.

We All Float 3.0 | Price $13.00

This is as close to the original We All Float as sarah could make it since some of the ingredients have been discontinued. The holo is toned down a little bit but this is the same smoky dark gray base with a bright red to gold aurora shimmer, scattered holo, and gold iridescent flakes.


This is nearly a one coater! I used 2 coats for my swatches and it dried to a semi glossy finish. The red shimmer on this one is amazing! You get a muted smoky look and then turn into the light and BAM! We all float has tons of flakes and they all lay nice and flat even before adding a top coat.


Pennywise 3.0 | Price $13.00

Pennywise is an off-white crelly with gold to green and red to orange aurora shimmer, red to gold multichrome flakes, and red and green iridescent flakes. The red iridescent flakes almost turn it a pale cotton candy pink.


This polish reaches full opacity in 2 – 3 coats, I used 3, the finish is textured but completely self levels and with a top coat is very smooth!


Loser/Lover | $18.00 Unicorn Pee / $8.00 Undie

Loser/Lover is a duo with a twist. The OG (Original) UP topper is an almost magenta pink that if worn alone reaches full opacity in 3 coats.


Because of the UP it’s on the sheer side a special undie was made to match.  This is the same magenta pink only a creme finish it reaches full opacity in 3 coat on it’s own.


Together you can use 2 coats of the undie and 1 coat of the UP topper. Notice the Undie’s Symbol which will mark your undie bottles.


If you purchase the OG UP Loser/Lover polish between Sept 1st – 3rd you will receive the matching Undie for FREE! The Undies will go on sale after Sept 4th at $8.00 each.

Make sure to purchase opening weekend as this applies to all the UP Polishes with matching undies!

Pop Pop | Price $18.00

Pop Pop is a purple based gold to orange magnetic multichrome with OG UP hidden underneath.

Pop Pop is highly pigmented and only needs 2 coats no matter how you wear it, I have swatched this one with and without the magnetic effect to show off how beautiful this polish is with both it’s faces!

Remember to use the magnet on every wet coat of a magnetic polish to pull up the magnetic particles to the top, this includes your top coat. I like to blow on my nails while I hold the magnet to assure it dries before adding another coat.


These polishes are all amazing and I want to wish Sarah and team continued success on their brand! I will have to take the day off to make sure I get all the polishes I want! I know I will definitely be picking up some of the UP Duos!


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Thanks for reading!



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