Sassy Sauce – August 2018


Sassy Sauce is bringing you the August Release on Sunday August 26th @ 11am CST. Carrie has some great things planned this fall and you will want to be there for them! There is a Box and Polish Con, stay tuned I will bring them all to you!

So let’s look at the August Release:

First up is Fuzzy Dice, a light milky pink with a copper shift, aurora pigment and rainbow flakes.


I used 3 coats to reach full opacity, and it dried to a glossy finish.  Price $10.00


Next up is Coffee in the Nude, a nude milky mocha creme, this color reminds you of coffee and milk that can definately be enjoyed in the buff!

DSC00152I used 3 coats to get full opacity, depending on nail length you may be only need 2 coats. This dried to a semi glossy finish.  Price $10.00


Next is Sky Stamping Sauce,  a new addition to Carrie’s stamping sauces collection. Sky blue cream which can be used for stamping or an all over color.

DSC00163I used 2 coats on my nails and Stamped with it, the plate I used had lighter etchings and as you see Sky never broke. Price $7.50


Now we have Riptide, a metallic blue base with 2 kinds of duo chrome flakes, rainbow flakes and some blue glass flecks for extra sparkle. This is a whole lot of awesomeness for a stunning blue finish.

DSC00080Riptide reached full opacity in 2 medium coats and had a glossy finish. Price $10.00


No Texting on the Treadmill, is a purple green gold shifting multi chrome with some added bronze micro sparkle. It reaches full opacity in 3 coats with a glossy finish.

DSC00181This polish was inspired and named after Sherri Felix (a member of the Sasssy Sauce Sistas FB Group) for her Birthday. Price $10.00


Finally, Chicka Chickaww, is a emerald golden purple shifting multi chrome with blue flecks and a rainbow shifting flakes. You really have to watch this one because it loves to shift in extreme angles!

DSC00173Chicka Chickaww reached full opacity in 3 coats and has a beautiful glossy finish. Price $10.00

DSC00179DSC00174DSC00178Get the entire August Release for $55.00! Remember that this release will hit the store on Sunday August 26th at 11am CST.  

September will bring a few new surprises, so stay tuned!

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