Takko Mystery Bag #2

I’ve been steadily going through all my Polish Con purchases and here is the last one, I purchased 2 Takko Mystery Bags and this is the second. These are definitely not colors I would choose on my own, but they have surprised me at how much I like them.

First up, is SweetPeas.

This is a collaboration with the Blogger 25Sweetpeas, this is a sweetpea flower inspired pink holo with purple leaning pink shimmer to it.

The formula is almost jelly like in it’s sheerness, but builds up nicely. I used 3 coats on my swatches and let the coats dry in between.


Next I have MilkShake.

Milkshake was a release from the Takko 4 year anniversary.  The base is a soft purple leaning pink creme packed with microflakie shimmer which flash from white to a bright purple.  There is also a good amount of matte microglitters in a variety of colors; white, neon pink, coral, yellow, purple and aqua.

The formula was slightly sheer and took 3 coats to reach full opacity.



Finally I have Surrealistic.

Surrealistic is a clear based a bunch of color shifting ultrachrome metallic flakies.  They are fairly small in size and lay smooth on the nail.  You can wear it as a topper or on it’s own for a dramatic flaketastic effect.  I am showing you three coats on its own in these swatches, though I do advise you sponge them on for maximum coverage!


Over all I am very happy with both bags, I really didn’t expect to like them all as much as I did.  Takko’s are hard to find so I am glad to have them.

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