Opal Minded – Lacquered In White Custom

When I found out Sarah was doing a custom for the Lacquered in white group I was there for it!  Opal Minded is a white opalescent crelly with a bizzilion iridescent flakies!

I a sucker for a good opal like polish no matter the color and I just loved how this one turned out.

Now, this is a crelly so the formula is gonna be thicker due to all the flakies in it. Which means you have to dry it between coats in order to not have that frumpy thick look.

I used 3 coats of Opal minded on its own, I dried the 1st coat and the last two self leveled, my middle finger looks different…Yes, I wanted to see how this would look layered over white. I honestly like the no undie look better! I used 2 coats of Opal minded over a coat of Sassy Sauce’s Marshmallow stamping sauce.

Here are my swatches!



Opal Minded is no longer available.

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