The 13th Doctor – 1850 Artisan Polish


1850 is going Fandom! You heard right! 1850 has gone Fandom.

In a Doctor Who themed collection, 1850 is departing from the California inspiration and bringing you a collection of stunning pieces. There’s Holo, Multichrome, Shimmer and Lort! a Duo Chrome Thermal. NO!…YES!!

This has been a dream collection for maker Nikki and I need to see more of these dreams!

Off to the swatches:

First I have She’s the Doctor, a stunning blue linear holo that once you see the color you know what the inspiration was…a mode of transport…


She’s the Doctor goes on evenly and smoothly in 2 coats and dries to a semi glossy finish, the rainbows in here are epic!


Next, I have Oh, Brilliant! this is a shimmering multichrome that has purple/pink/gold & green shifts, you will find yourself playing with light all day. It also has a bunch of aurora shimmers and a smattering of holo for good measure.


Don’t Shift and Drive! (PSA)

Oh, Brilliant! goes on beautifully in 2-3 coats, I used 3 coats, but if you use a black undie you can get away with 2 coats. Multichromes can benefit from a black undie, but I love how it turned out with 3 coats.


Now we Regenerate, so full disclosure, I kept calling this one Renegade and once you see it you’ll know why! I am gobsmacked by Regenerate, this is a Duo Chrome Flakie Thermal, did she mean to say that? Yes, a Duo Chrome Flakie Thermal aka my renegade!

Cold State
Cold State

This is that polish that says … and there’s more! Regenerate transitions from white with purple/fuschia shift when warm to a blue/purple shifting duo chrome when it’s cold.

Warm Transition
Warm Transition

Now, Regenerate goes on smoothly in 1-2 coats, if you use a good handed coat all you will need is the one coat. I used 2 coats for my swatches, but I was stunned at one coat!

Next is Would You Be My New Best Friends?, this beauty is a copper shimmer and aurora pigmented blurple that glows! It has complementing flakies which means that you will be staring at your nails for a while!


Would you… has a jelly base so 3 coats will get you at full opacity, I also tried (not pictured) layering it over a purple creme and it 1-2 coats is all you need.


This is Gonna be Fun is the 5th installment here and I love this one!

DSC09364DSC09371This is gonna… is a Silver scattered holo with some periwinkle undertones and a purple to red shifting flash. It’s a trend of making lighter colors with contrasting shifts.

DSC09367DSC09369This reached full opacity in 3 coats it dries a little textured so a nice glossy topcoat is recommended.


Finally I have, The Key to the Universe a stunning dusty rose multichrome that shifts mauve/gold and lilac with gold microflakes and a bit of holo.

DSC09379DSC09385The Key…reached full opacity in 2 coats and dries with a bit of texture, so adding a topcoat is recommended.  I love it as a nude for my skin tone.


So, my favorite is Regenerate as it blew my peanut head away! So many elements went into this one and it’s a master piece.

The 13th Doctor collection will release on Saturday August 18th, Time to be released. 

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