MoYou Nail Fashions – Urban Collection Plates


A couple of months ago I tried this brand of plates and didn’t have a great experience with them. I was sent 3 new plates to try from their Urban Collection, I made an error in choosing the plates and chose a square plate that repeats part of Plate #1 though I did use  it along with plate #1 to see if there was a difference between the styles of plates.

As I had already learned from my previous experience of using these plates I knew there are particular tools to use with these plates.
First is the scraper, you have to use a flexicard type, I usually use a old credit card, but that is too stiff and removes nearly all of the polish on the plate. The flexi card allows you to bend more and leaves more of the polish on the plate for the image.

Next is the stamper type. I normally use a squishy marshmallow stamp head I have noticed that it’s too soft to pick up the image. I did get a new stamper that is a clear jelly and it’s a bit more denser than the marshmallow head and that seemed work much better.

The plate, I still believe the material these plates are made with are different than my other plates, polish seems to dry extremely fast on these plates, I have tried 5-6 different brands of stamping polish and they all dry super quick!

These are the plates I received and I love all the designs! They are cute and interchangeable.

Click to see this plate


Click to see this plate


Click to see this plate

Here some of the mani’s I used these plates with.

Glossy Finish



I think I finally got over my learning curve with these plates and will incorporate them with more mani’s in the future!

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12 replies to “MoYou Nail Fashions – Urban Collection Plates

  1. How strange that they perform differently! My go to stamper is a jelly now a days and I always use either flexible plastic or paper business cards as my scrapers so it sounds like I am using the right tools. I have never had trouble with a Moyou London plate but don’t have any of their most recent releases


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