SassyCats will be releasing their Mean Girls Collection this Sunday July 15th. I was able to pick mine up at the White Plains Polish Con. This trio is very reminiscent of the Mean Girls who wore these colors most of the movie.

Let’s get into the Swatches!First up I have, Sooo Fetch a light purple pearl shimmer with some subtle holo.

Unlike most pearl shimmers, Sooo Fetch is a slightly sheer formula that seems to glow depending on the angle.DSC08449DSC08451

I used 3 coats on my swatches to get full opacity, and it dries to a semi glossy finish.


Next I have, She Doesn’t Even Go Here again I instantly think of the powder blue hoodie worn by Damian as he exclaimed this quote!


She Doesn’t Even Go Here is a light blue pearl shimmer with subtle holo and as with Soo Fetch, the formula is a tad sheer but has a mysterious glow to it.


I used 3 coats to reach full opacity and it dries to a semi glossy finish.


Finally I have, On Wednesdays and you know the rest is a pink pearl shimmer with subtle holo. You know this one had to be pink with the name!


On Wednesday is the most opaque of the trio and performs mostly like a traditional pearl.


I used 3 coats to reach full opacity this polish dries to a semi glossy finish.


My favorite of the group is On Wednesdays because of it’s blue shimmer, make sure to get your trio when it launches on Sunday, 7/15/18.

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