Owl for you – MTK Design


Mary is relaunching some of her site favorites for the month of July in new bottles and sizes. Here is the Owl for you trio, she loves owls and if you caught Crap! the Pooping Owl, you know she will put them anywhere!

Let’s get into the swatches!

First up I have HypnoticOwl, a blackened purple base with chameleon glitter shifting from purple to red to gold and some red and copper shimmers. Fun fact it has a faternal twin called HystericOwl!

HypnoticOwl reaches full opacity in 2-3 coats, depending on nail length and dries to a matte finish, these polishes look great with a matte topcoat! They are super reactive I had mine change color as I was applying it!


Next up is SensationOwl, a dark golden plum when cool, but warms to a shocking bright coral. There is a lot going on with the sparkles in this one ranging from a lipstick red scatter holo glitter; copper and violet iridecent shred and purple shimmer.


SensationOwl reaches full opacity in 2-3 coats and dries to a matte finish. It’s a strong contrast in color which makes it all the more fun and …psst… it Glows in the Dark!



Finally I have MysticOwl, a deep ocean green/blue when cold, then when it gets warm it get’s bright aqua.


MysticOwl reaches full opacity in 2-3 coats depending on the nail length, I used 3 coats, It dries to a matte finish and it really does look great matted and it Glows in the Dark.

They will be avail for pre-order during the weekend of July 6th – 9th. They are priced at $12.50 each or $30.00 for the set.

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Thanks for reading!



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