Neon Unicorns


Sassy Sauce Polish will be releasing their June collection which I will share with you in it’s entirety next week, in the mean time here are some sneak peeks. I figured I do a tutorial post while I’m at it, this was a nail art page once! LOL (Kidding still is!).

I used all Sassy Sauce Polishes, some that are new and some that are in the store currently. I first wanted to bring your attention the fact that Sassy Sauce will now have a Matte Top Sauce, Priced at $6.00 when it hits the store. This Matte Sauce dries super fast! I timed it and it was dry to the touch in 1:30 mins! Plus, you can use it over stamping and get no, smears ma!


On to the tutorial part, I want to do something fun since this weekend I will be at polish con. I wanted something to show off! I decided to do a multi color gradient with stamping and make it matte!


Here is everything I used(I will link all items currently available in the list):


What I did:

  1. I prepped my nails with my zoya base coat and applied 1 coat of Marshmallow Stamping Sauce, it’s also a one coat white! Then added a coat of QDTC.
  2. Using the a packing sponge I applied all colors except white, black and platinum in a messy gradient, you know not stripes, not radial, just all over the place? That. I covered it with a coat of QDTC and let it dry.
  3. Using my Born Pretty Unicorn stamping plate I selected a multi Unicorn design, I used the Carbon Stamping Sauce to stamp the design on my nail and then with the Platinum Stamping Sauce I used the same design and stamped over the first stamp, making a layered look.
  4. Finally I applied a coat of the Matte Top Sauce.
No Smearing with Matte top coat

I owe you some details on the new products. The Stamping Trio that I used (Carbon, Scrambled & Marshmallow) will be available June 23rd at 10am CST. You can pick up the set of Stamping Sauces for $21.00 or at $7.50 each. These are foundation colors, the set is the best bang for your buck.

The Matte Top Sauce will also be making it’s debut on the same release and you can pick it up for $6.00. There will be 5 new colors available on this release, so keep your eyes peeled for my next 2 blogs! Carrie will be offering a whole shebang that includes a magnet and free shipping!

Ok, I’ve said too much!

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Thanks for reading!



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