MoYou Nail Fashions – Glam Collection Plate


MoYou Nail Fashions sent me this plate to test and review. I was sent the plate, a clear head stamper and scrapper. MoYou nail fashions is established in London UK, so they were not able to send me any polish to test out due to international postal rules. There is a US website for the company, but I have been working with the UK office.

I was sent Plate #3 from the Glam Collection.

DSC07527So I will take a minute to talk about the stamper first.

The stamper is wide enough to cover sport cut nails, I wasn’t able to use it for the stamp work I am showing on this blog, I ended up using my wide stamper for XL images. The quality of the stamp head is great and squishy.

Unfortunately the stamper I received set the stamp head so low down the holder I can’t use it for stamping a large area, this stamper can be used to stamp small images that need specific placement.

Now on to the plate.

The plate I have has a good variety of images some with intricate designs. I will say I had to practice using this plate and it may be the plate I have or just this plate, but in order to get an image to pick up I had to play with my method of scrapping, the scrapper provided doesn’t work on this plate. I used an old gift card which on other plates I scrape at a 30 to 45 degree angle, with this plate I had to lay the card flat just above the image I wanted (after applying the polish) then lightly bring the card across the top of the image with enough pressure that you don’t have a ton of polish over the image but not so hard to scrape all the polish off. Practice!

DSC07554I spent 2 days trying to find the right way to work with this plate and to the plate doesn’t appear to be etched deep enough, I recommend that a thin translucent credit card style be used. With that scrapper I was able to pick every image on the plate and each image came across crisp.

I worked with 2 images for photos and these are the result:


Blogger Note: I have been in contact with the company and they are in the midst of stocking larger clear marshmallow stampers for those of us with longer nails, the scrapper offered with any sets will also change to the thin flexi credit cards. I will be testing other plates by the company and work with MoYou, so look for new plates to be reviewed on my blog.

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7 replies to “MoYou Nail Fashions – Glam Collection Plate

  1. Glad you managed to get the plate to work, I do like the small stamper, and had no problems with it. I was the one who asked for the bigger clear stamper and can’t wait to try It!

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