Anything 4 Selenas – Vapid Lacquer

This is Vapid Lacquer’s first contribution to the Polish Pick up, PPU is a collaboration of up to 70 indie brands where a theme is picked out every month and makers make limited edition polishes or non polish products to match the theme.

The month of May followed the 90’s, Vapid chose Selena’s epic purple jumpsuit as inspiration which was worn in her last performance. I remember this performance as my grandmother could speak of nothing else when it was playing on TV.

DSC07471DSC07486Anything 4 Selenas is a thermal Concord Purple with holo flakes that transitions into a pink leaning Plum Purple.


A4S reaches full opacity in 2 coats, though 1 coat may be enough for some. The polish dries to a semi matte finish and dries quickly. As with Vapid’s usual formula it applied with total ease!

This polish matches the inspiration perfectly, the jumpsuit which seemed to change colors as Selena spun on the rotating stage.

Don’t miss out on the next Polish Pick up who knows what you will find!

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