Bee’s Knees released their Dead Pool 2 collection and I picked up this stunner. Actually I wasn’t quite sure about it, I did like the fact that it was a blue to purple magnetic and so I picked it up. I then put it on and boy was I surprised!

DSC07347This is inspired by Shiori Kutsuna’s character in the X-Force, this is a blue to purple multichrome magnetic with red to green iridescent flakes and orange to green aurora shimmer.


Though this polish can be applied without an undie, it missed the depth a black undie provides, when I looked at the shop swatches. I always wear my magnetics with an undie, I used my favorite one coater black creme 1850 – Squid Ink.


The undie brought out the multichrome shift to it’s 10x power. I wore 2 coats of TYMF over black and absolutely love the colors that radiate from this polish!


I’m so happy that I gave this color a chance, did you grab this one too?

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