Abstract Watercolors


Born Pretty sent me some products to try and I was having way too much fun with them!

I created a abstract watercolor mani, I fell in love with the water slide decals since modern art is my favorite. I’ll tell you more about them as we go along. So let’s start with everything I used on this mani:

I started with a coat of the Serendipity white polish, this particular polish dries quickly,  so I moved on to the next step. In this part I took artistic liberty of smearing some of each color over every nail.


These polishes are lightly tinted clear polishes meant to be built up for opacity or over a bright color to emphasize their color. The finished product was 2 coats of each of the polishes.

Some colors were more opaque than others. Here they are in order of darkest opacity to lightest:

  1. DH04 Ultra Volet (Purple)
  2. DH01 Unfold Dreams (Red)
  3. DH02 The Morning Rays (Yellow)
  4. DH03 Lotus Pond (Green)

Lotus Pond was the sheerest of all, it was pretty difficult to get the color to show.


I then applied a coat of Fast Track and allowed my nails to dry while I cut the decals in form. These decals were great to work with, other decals I have used required you cut pretty close to the image in order to reduce spill over.

I was happy to find that the decals were printed on the sheet to the image size, so there was no need to cut close to the image at all, one thing though they were pretty thin and you want to be careful to use the pads of your fingers to handle them and not twizzers like I did.

Using the pads of your finger will keep the image flat and you can apply it to your nail without it folding over itself.


I then sprinkled some of the strip wire flakies and using the makeup sponge provided I rubbed them lightly into place.

I added these to create more lines.


Strip Flakies can be buffed in for mirror finish.

I did use these in another mani and if you use enough of them you can create a gold mirror effect if buffed into the nail. I have yet to try a whole nail, but you all know it’s coming.

I concluded by applying a final coat of fast track to seal it all in. I was pretty impressed with all of these products, though I was slightly disappointed that the lotus pond polish wasn’t pigmented enough to come out and play.

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Thanks for reading!



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