Cause I’m Prickly

Ahh yes, it’s been often said and nearly always accepted… I am prickly!

This week, I wanted to display my Cacti nail stickers and what better colors than pink and green. In my mind it’s very southwesterny, plus clay red would make my nails look like terracotta pots.


I got this Gold Mirror flakes from Born Pretty and I loved incorporating them in my Mother’s day mani!

What I used:


To start, I alternated Bubble Gum and Rock Candy, over all my nails. I then used a  dry brush and painted swipes over the opposite color. (i.e.: Bubble Gum swipes over Rock Candy).

I did this for all my nails, then I drybrushed some of the white and copper polishes and applied a coat of Fast track.


Once dry, I applied the Cacti stickers and then using the makeup sponge that comes with the mirror flakes, I pickup up a few and dabbed and rubbed them into various places.


Finally, I used 2 coats of fast track to seal everything in. Why 2? The first coat was absorbed by the stickers and in order to keep them in place a 2nd coat was applied to keep them on. I’ve had this mani for 3 days now without incident or shrinkage (fast track does not shrink).

I am having fun with this one and I love telling people that I’m prickly to see the look on their faces!

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Thanks for reading!



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