Rose Gold Powder


I received this Rose Gold powder from Born Pretty to review and I must say that the new powders are of a higher quality than other’s I’ve used in the past. I used a mirror powder in the fall last year and I had to really work it in. In the package you get the 0.8g pot of powder and a makeup sponge and costs $3.99.


So let’s start with what I used, cause that seems important:

  • Rose Gold Powder  product # 42426 from Born Pretty
  • Peel off base coat from UNT
  • Squid Ink (one coat black) from 1850 Artisan Polish
  • UV No Wipe Gel Top coat
  • UV/LED lamp


Here is how I prepped my nails:

One coat of UNT (cause I will need to peel this off, I don’t like to soak), One coat of Squid Ink. I let my nails dry and then applied a coat of UV Gel top coat, cured for 30 seconds.


I used the makeup sponge provided in the package and dipped it into the pot, the first thing I noticed was that the powder had a almost magnetic attraction to the sponge.

Then I dabbed it to my nail and I was seriously impressed when I applied this powder, I didn’t have to curl 90lb dumbbells to get this to shine! One swipe and I saw the pigment shine.


I only had to dip the sponge once per nail, I did a bit of buffing with the sponge and then covered it with a coat of Gel top coat, cured it for 30 seconds. I of course had excess on my nails, so I washed my hands with warm soapy water and all the excess was washed away.



Even though I used a peel off base coat I wore this for 2 days without any incident. When I was done, I just peeled them off.

I need to get more of these powders, I am very happy with their quality.

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15 replies to “Rose Gold Powder

  1. I keep saying that I want to try powders like this, but I am too chicken. First of all, I am scared of the mess. I also don’t even want to use any kind of gel polish so I don’t know if regular polish will work well. I’m a mess. lol I love how reflective your end mani is.

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