Sassy Sauce May Release


Sassy Sauce has a forecast of some beautiful polishes coming your way  May 26th at 10am CST. This collection is a Flakie Storm, it consists of 3 thermals, a magnetic that is out of this world and a crelly shimmer!

Rain Storm is a Sapphire blue thermal that fades to a transparent strong blue shimmer and leaves behind a rainbow of holo and multichrome shifting flakes.

Cold State
Warm transition


  • Finish: Thermal, dries semi glossy, tons of multichrome flakies
  • Coats: 2 Coats
  • Price: $10


Sun Storm is a hot pink red thermal that fades into clear and leaves behind a coppery golden sunset with a rainbow of flakies

Cold State
Warm Transition
  • Finish: Thermal, dries semi glossy, tons of multichrome flakies, Gold Shimmer
  • Coats: 2 Coats
  • Price: $10

Moon Storm is a lavender purple thermal that fades to a greyish blurple to clear and leaves you with chards of multi colored moon flakes and a strong dusting of linear holo. This is easily my favorite of the thermals, because triple transition, duh!

Cold State
Warm Transition
  • Finish: Thermal, dries semi glossy, tons of multichrome flakies, triple transition
  • Coats: 2 Coats
  • Price: $10

Galaxies out the Sass is a magnetic multichrome Chameleon, no undies needed and looks great with and without. It’s ingrained in my head to use a black undie with magnetics, just like 2 coats every time even with one coaters!

It contains 3 kinds of flakies and shimmer for some extra sparkle. It’s a black sparkling jelly which is super easily manipulated into a cat eye that shimmers pink, blue, green and purple.



This one was named by a Group member and is the perfect base for a galaxy mani, since it barely needs anything else!


  • Finish: Multichrome teal and violet flashes, Magnetic polish with shimmers
  • Coats: 2 coats over black (shown), 3 coats alone
  • Price: $11
Each order will include a super strong earth magnet (while supplies last).


Locked and Loaded is a duo chrome shifty shimmer absolutely locked and loaded with 6 kinds of flakies, yes you read that right! It can be worn on its own or over another color to make it pop.

This was a creation between Carrie the maker and a group member LaTannya Murphy.



  • Finish: Duo chrome shimmer with all the flakies known to man! Shifts between Pink and Gold.
  • Coats: 3 alone (shown) or as a topper black and grey are recommended.
  • Price: $10

These pretties release May 26th at 10am CST

All 5 polishes as a set for $47 | Free shipping on orders $60 or more

I had so much fun reviewing this release, I must say that Moon Storm and Galaxies out the Sass were my favorites, but I know I will be reaching out for the rest of them again and again. Which will you get?

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Thanks for reading!



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