Altarf aka Beta Cancri

Alter Ego brought it on last month’s Polish Pickup! Beta Cancri is the brightest star in the zodiacal constellation Cancer. This is such a color departure for AE and I LOVE it!!! Cancers of the world this is your polish, my son is a Cancer and I love having polishes that mean something to me, I am so glad that this one is not only significant, but crazy beautiful!

The PPU theme for April was Planets and Galaxies.

Altarf this polish’s other name and Nickname for the star,  is a bright cream neon orange, with dark reddish orange flakes, and a bright orange shimmer.

This beauty went on in 2 easy coats plus top coat. I swear this looks like molten lava on my nails.

In the macro’s you can really see all the shimmers, the flakes and the color melding together, it’s honestly one of my favorite AE’s.

Were you able to snag one too? Polish Pick-up window runs from the first Friday of each month at 11 AM EST.  It stays open for four days, until the following Monday at Midnight EST.  Visit their site to join and participate in the theme submissions and vote for the following month’s theme, keep up to date with the selections, themes and see swatches before the window opens.

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3 replies to “Altarf aka Beta Cancri

  1. I’m a Cancer too and debated…and debated…and finally got it. It’s gorgeous like you said…not so crazy bright either but just bright enough. I’m so glad I got it. Looks just as beautiful in person as your swatches! Thank you for the review on it 🙂

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