Vapid Natural Mascara

Vapid does Mascara?!? I know you’re thinking it, the answer is yes. Vapid has been moving towards body care for a while now, Vapid is no longer just a Nail polish. They offer nail care, skin care, body care, Wax and now Makeup.

I was able to purchase their Mascara as part of an Exclusive Beta for their fan group. The product is marketed as a Natural wear mascara, not the dramatic effects of lash extension, but more so as a daily wear to accentuate your own lashes.

About the Beta Product: Vapid is still working on the final labeling although the packaging will stay the same. This product is created in the USA, and is lab created, Vapid decided to go this route, as it’s an eye product, and felt was the most safe practice. This isn’t a waterproof product, but it doesn’t transfer very easily.

On to the formula, I personally have been wearing this mascara daily for several weeks and found the formula to be durable (I have it on for 16hrs), it doesn’t flake or give me raccoon eyes, unless I start to rub my eyes.

Through out the day lashes feel soft to the touch and if I wasn’t looking in a mirror my lashes felt like I didn’t have anything on them. There was no transfer after touch and doesn’t melt off when it get’s sightly wet.

No Makeup
One coat of mascara

I only use one coat for top and bottom every day, but this formula allows for build up should you want a more dramatic look. As you can see from the before and after the formula brought out my barely there lashes out to play by coating each strand.

No Makeup
One coat of mascara

Note on the Brush: The brush is nice & fluffy, it does a good job by delivering maximum product on the lashes, personally I would prefer a smaller brush. I find it hard to reach the corners of my eyes, I may have a smaller eye socket than the average person, but I always end up with brush stokes on my eye lids and inner corner of my eye.

Overall, this is a great product with that one minor adjustment to the brush. I love the formula for its durability and feel! Vapid will be releasing the final product in the upcoming months a date has yet to be announced. I love how diverse this company is and how willing they are to try new things, I can’t wait to see what else comes from Vapid’s make up line!

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